Body Plastic Surgery

Francis R Palmer III, M.D., FACS voted one of the “World’s Best” Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, is a world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon.

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“Leading Plastic Surgeon” – People 50 Most Beautiful People

“It’s not just faces that Dr Palmer can transform” – London Daily Express

“A modern day sculptor would best describe this surgeons talents” – Miami Weekly

“Discretion is everything, but look in the pages of any society and film magazine and you’ll be unwittingly admiring his work. It’s all part of the star treatment. You simply can’t afford to make a mistake with cosmetic surgery, so get the best” – Tatler ‘s Guide to the World’s Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

“Plastic surgery is artistry. In order to be inspired work, plastic surgery procedures and treatments must incorporate both the art and science of beauty. Because we, as plastic surgeons, are mandated to create naturally beautiful results, a plastic surgeon must have an aesthetic eye….training and experience are simply no longer enough. My procedures artistically bring out your beauty thereby giving a more natural, youthful result.” -Dr Francis Palmer

Dr Francis Palmer offers the full range of Body Plastic Surgery procedures.

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