Face Lifts have evolved.

Face Lifts have evolved. The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift is an evolved Face Lift with smaller incisions, less tissue dissection and disruption…which means there is less bruising and swelling. This minimum incision Face Lift allows patients to fly home in as little as 3 days after the procedure.

Below is a picture of how aging effects the face. Arrows are used to show the direction of facial tissue sag.

The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift uses much smaller incisions, than traditional Face Lifts, that are contoured around the front and inside of the ear. Unlike traditional Face Lifts or Mid Face Lifts, no incisions are placed inside the hairline, in front or in back of the head, thereby eliminating the risk of hair loss or unsightly scars inside the hair.

The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift does elevate, trim and lift the SMAS muscle layer along with trimming excess skin which may not be done with a thread lift or suture lift procedure. The Palmer Celebrity Lift goes a step farther still by shaping the cheek area into a more naturally, youthful appearance by adjusting facial fat and using fillers like Perlane and Radiesse. Cheek Implants can also be used when a permanent augmentation is desired.

The result is a naturally more youthful and attractive face….the antithesis of the old “wind swept”, “over pulled” faces where the tissues are just pulled and distorted. The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift is evolved and in my opinion represents the Face Lift of the future…right now, today. I’m sure that the top Celebrities know the best plastic surgeons are the ones who’s techniques evolve and continue to provide the very best with the least amount of scarring, swelling, bruising and recovery time. Watch Dr Francis Palmer present his ground breaking Palmer Celebrity Lift on ABC’s hit TV show “The View”.

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