Beautiful, Full Lips with Juvederm Ultra, Restylane or Lip Implants.

Lip Augmentation and Enhancement can be done to achieve fuller, more aesthetically shaped lips with fillers or lip implants depending on your desires and the existing size/shape of your lips. There are ideally shaped lips that are full, plump and perfectly proportioned as outlined in my new book on beauty and aesthetics “What’s Your Number…the palmer code.”

Lip AugmentationLip Enhancement… If you are looking to Enhance the size and shape of your lips with Procedures or Surgery you should first understand what makes aesthetically beautiful, full, plump lips.

Men and women lips are aesthetically very similar. Both look the best when they’re lips are full and plump. This gives the mouth and entire lower face a soft, balanced and attractive appearance. Fuller lips are perceived as soft and gentle-in stark contrast to the thin or asymmetric lips that exude a sense of being stern, mean or untrustworthy.

As I mention in my book, ‘What’s Your Number…the palmer code”, ideal lips have a certain size and shape. On profile, the lips should have a gentle S-shaped curve between the lips and chin-with a 4mm depression existing between these two structures. The illustration, on the left, shows this relationship. Although, the nose and chin typically set the strength of your profile, Lip Augmentation does have the ability to add balance to this area. Enhancing the size and shape of the lips may aesthetically improve the entire lower 1/3 of the face.

As we age, it’s common to loose mass in the lips and even in the bones, of the face, giving the illusion that the upper lip, or more precisely the space between the upper lip and the nasal tip, has become elongated. This makes the lower face look aged and stern which is not attractive or aesthetically pleasing. The sole purpose of Lip Augmentation, Lip Enhancement or Lip Enlargement Procedures is to add volume and mass to the lips that otherwise appear to small and thin. However, if done improperly…the lips can be distorted, contorted and mis-shapen. Sadly, we’ve all seen celebrity photos of that very thing portrayed in magazines or on TV.

Ideally shaped lips have other characteristics according to the “Palmer Beauty Principles”, which I developed. These should be the cornerstone for planning Lip Augmentation and Enhancement Procedures or Surgery. If these Aesthetic principles are violated, the lips may appear to large, distorted or out of balance with the your face.

Once you understand these points, you are ready to compare your lips to ideally shaped, beautiful lips…some pictures of which are included below.

If you don’t have perfectly shaped lips-don’t despair. There are several methods to augment and create fuller lips. These can be organized into two types of Lip Augmentation Procedures, ones using injectable filler materials and those requiring a surgical procedure to Enhance the size and shape of the Lips. Let’s look at each of these Lip Augmentation Methods:

1. Fillers.

Juvederm Ultra and Restylane are what we currently use to fill the borders of the lips. These injections are done as an office treatment and take about 10-15 minutes. Most often a topical numbing cream is applied to the lips prior to the treatment. The plumping effects last about 4-6 months.

2. Lip Implants

There are several types of material that are currently available as lip implants. Alloderm, solid Silicone and a saline filled implant that has an outer gortex-like shell. Although the latter two are permanent, I believe they each have significant drawbacks including the ability to move after being placed within the lips. For that reason, I prefer to use Alloderm as an implant. Alloderm being softer than the other two lip implants can be placed just under the red portion of the outer lips. Alloderm is placed below that layer and above the lip muscle through a small incision in each corner of the mouth. This allows all of the augmentation to remain in the front of the lips and mouth where it is needed the most…unlike the other two implants that cause lip augmentation in a 360 degree manner, including the portion of your lips that’s on the inside your mouth. Alloderm lasts about 7 years and can be re-done at that time.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
“What’s Your Number..the palmer code.”