Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery from Top Plastic Surgeons

What constitutes the best plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures from the top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Southern California and United States?

Consistently great aesthetic results!

The Best Face Lifts: The best Face Lifts leave the face appearing naturally youthful and attractive without being over-pulled or looking tight. The best surgeons at the top of their game must have an impeccable grasp of the aesthetics of beauty as outlined in my new book: “What’s Your Number…the palmer code.” The best face Lifts make womens faces appear more feminine and mens faces more ruggedly handsome. The specific version of facelift performed is far less important than the adherence to these aesthetic guidelines. Our “Celebrity Lift” is a perfect example of just such a Facelift.

The Best Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery, nose jobs): Probably the most misunderstood, yet most popular, of all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, Rhinoplasty should adhere to a strict set of goals in order to get inspired aesthetic results. The best Rhinoplasties should make the nose appear soft and refined without making it look “done” or “operated.” The nasal bridge height and width should be proportional to the width and thickness of the nasal tip allowing womens noses to be more delicate than mens. It should be understood that no one’s face is made beautiful by making the nose beautiful. The nose has a supporting role in facial beauty and once it is made sleek and refined, the face’s top beauty features are allowed to show: cheeks, eye area and lips. Of course, if these features are not ideally shaped, the face will appear less attractive despite a perfectly performed Rhinoplasty.

Next time, we’ll discuss Eyelid Surgery, Cheek and Chin Implants as well as the best Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery