Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation and Enhancement using Silicone Breast Implants by Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation and Enhancement using Silicone Breast Implants by Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

“Removed a ruptured set of Silicone Breast Implants, the other day, from a very nice patient who has had the Silicone Breast Implants for over 15 years. She was undergoing a routine body CT…you know the kind that is touted as a preventative type test. The Ct recognized that she had bilateral (both sides) ruptured Silicone Breast Implants. She had some other surgeries with me at my Beverly Hills Office, so she came in for a visit.

Her breasts were not the typical picture of a leaking Silicone Breast Implant. The breats were soft and supple without encapsulation…you know the hardening that can occur with Breast Implants. There was no skin redness or other symptoms to suggest what lurked below. That was one of my first clues. The breasts were just too soft….so soft that I couldn’t even feel the silicone breast implant…at all. So, I sent her locally, here in Beverly Hills by my office, for an MRI exam to rule out leakage or rupture of her Silicone Breast Implants.

The MRI confirmed that both Silicone Breast Implants were indeed leaking…but the MRI examination said that the Silicone Breast Implants were folded on themselves and that was the reason that the silicone had not created more symptoms…in particular the excess hardening and deformity that is typically seen even with a small silicone breast implant leak. The patient was scheduled for surgery at our Beverly Hills Facility within 2 weeks of the MRI examination.

During surgery the Silicone Breast Implants were found to be completely ruptured with free silicone within the surgical pocket where the Silicone Breast Implants were originally placed. If you’ve ever seen silicone from a Silicone Breast Implant it’s very thick, gooey and quite a mess. Once the silicone was removed, the breast implant pocket was cleaned, the instruments, surgical gown and gloves were all changed and the breast pockets were prepared for placement of new Silicone Breast Implants. The surgery wentwithout a hitch. So, what’s the morale of this story…because if you read my blog…you know me by now and that there’s always a morale to my stories. The morale is….things are not always what they seem.

1. Breast Implants, Silicone, Saline can leak and rupture after your Breast Augmentation/Enhamncement Surgery….the average life of a Breast Implant is 7 years.

2. Routine screening, MRI or Breast Ultrasound is not a bad idea even if your Breasts appear soft and supple….it picked up these ruptures that were not evident by clinical observation….and surely prevented potential serious health problems from the free floating silicone.

3. Newer versions of Breast Implants like the Gummy Bear Silicone that are more of a semi-solid should be considered as a replacement if you have older Silicone Breast Implants….I know if it ain’t broken, why fix it….this story shows you why….

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III