Beverly Hills Chin Implant Surgery

Chin Augmentation is a plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure performed here in our Beverly Hills (Los Angeles area) that uses an implant designed to enhance the size and shape of the chin.

The chin should be evaluated by dropping an imaginary vertical line down from the lower lip, when the head forms a 90 degree angle with the neck. In a male, the chin should hit or approach this vertical line. In women, the chin should be about 5 mm’s behind the line. More information is available in my new book “What’s Your Number…the palmer code.”

If the chin is weak, after this analysis, then a chin implant maybe used to provide anterior (front) projection. The implant should not, in my opinion, be used to create elongation of the chin in the vertical plane. There are various sizes and shapes of chin implants with the most commonly used being the anatomical shapes in sizes small and medium. Anatomical means that the implant tapers in all directions and has a nice, feathered effect.

Chin implants come in various materials, including silastic (solid silicone), medpore, gortex but in my over 20 years experience using chin implants, I prefer the silastic ones. They are easilly removed and are the easiest to use…again, my opinion. The other materials may become attached to tissue or bone making them difficult or impossible to remove.

The surgery can be performed through the mouth (not recommended…more on that later) or through a small incision under the chin which is my preferred method. When performed through the mouth, the attachment of the mentalis muscle to the bone is severed in order to gain access to the required space where the implant is placed. This can create ptosis of the chin muscle later in life and the implant may move upward towards the inside of the mouth requiring it’s removal. When placed through an incision under the chin, these are not issues as the muscle attachment is not disrupted and the implant space is approached from below.

There are two schools of thought at what level the chin implant should be placed. One , which I use, is below the bone covering. The other is above this covering within the deeper tissues of the chin….the problem with this approach is that the chin implant may always move and this can be upsetting to people.

The photo below is a model and not a patient of Dr Francis Palmer. The photo represents the profile view, of the face, that is used to evaluate the chin. No representation is made that the model has had chin surgery or any other type of plastic and reconstructive surgery and is included here for educational purposes only.

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