Beverly Hills Chin Implant

Dr Francis Palmer, world renowned Beverly Hills facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, voted one of the “world’s best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler Magazine answers questions about Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants. Question: Would Chin and/or neck Liposuction Be Enough or should I Have a Chin Implant or Something else Altogether? I have almost no jawline definition. The heavier I am, the worse it is, but it was like this even when I was a size 2. It’s like my chin just slopes into my neck so that it looks like it’s all one piece. My profile is terrible, I don’t look too bad from the front… and only see a double chin in the occasional photo. What types of procedures would I be looking at for a more sculpted jaw? You can’t tell as much in this photo, but sometimes in profile I have shadowing in the jowl area as well. Dr Palmer’s Answer: From the photos provided, you do have a weak chin but this is only part of the issue. ¬†While chin augmentation with a chin implant would help the chin, it’s excess fat and skin that is the main culprit here. ¬†Facial and neck micro-liposuction to reduce the excess fat along with a minimally invasive facelift procedure would be the least invasive way to accomplish what you have described.