Beverly Hills Chin Implants are they the World’s Best?

Chin Augmentation, with Chin Implants is a procedure that is gaining popularity recently with the awakening of the public to the the fact that there are aesthetic measures to what makes a face beautiful.  Dr Francis Plamer, a world-renowned, Beverly Hills plastic and cosmetic surgeon, voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler magazine has created an aesthetic guide defining beauty of the face and body based on his decades of applying these principles to making people from all over the world more naturally attractive.  These aesthetic principles are described in detail in his new book on the subject “What’s Your Number…the palmer code” available on Amazon.

Dr Francis Palmer describes Chin Augmentation with chin implants as a useful method of providing balance to the entire lower face.  If your chin is weak, which can be determined by drawing an imaginary vertical line down from the lower lip and determining how far behind that line your chin appears, Chin implant surgery can provide both augmentation and balance to the lower face.  In general, men should have a chin that touches or goes slightly beyond that vertical line.  Women, on the other hand, should have chins that are approximately 1/4 inch behind that imaginary line.

There are many diffrent types, sizes, shapes and projections (thickness) of chin implants, so finding the best Chin Implant Surgeon should center on finding a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, like Dr Francis Palmer, who has not only performed Chin Implant Surgery in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for over 25 years but has written the book on the aeshetics of creating a naturally, more attractive face.  Knowing how to place a chin implant, the best route of insertion, the aesthetically correct chin implants size, shape and thickness as well as the ideal chin implant material are all key elements of the “World’s Best” chin implant surgery whether you’re in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami, Dallas, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Moscow or Paris.