Beverly Hills Face Lift

Well actually, a miniturized incisiosn Face Lift and neck Lift is our new generation of Beverly Hills Face Lift that we like to call our “Celebrity Lift”. It’s called a Celebrity Face Lift, because a celebrity challeneged us to come up with a minimally invasive Face Lift that had smaller incisions, recovery time yet still very effective. The “Clebrity Lift” is all of the above. This next generation Face Lift was featured on “The View” see the video clip here: Read more about the “Celebrity Face Lift” here:

The benefits of this minimally invasive yet highly effective Face Lift procedure developed right here in Beverly Hills are the following:

1. Much smaller incisions than the typical Face Lifts and Neck Lifts. The incisions do not go into the hair and as such help maintain present hair thickness.

2. Smaller areas of tissue dissection which means less bruising and swelling after the Face Lift.

3. Combined with Radiesse or Perlane injections to shape the cheeks for enhanced youth and beauty.

4. Can be performed without anesthesia.

5. Takes 90 minutes or less.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III