Beverly Hills Facelift

Beverly Hills Facelift questions answered by Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeon Dr Francis Palmer.  Dr Palmer, a world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, is the creator of “The Palmer Celebrity Face Lift” and the “Facial Contour (R) Facelift” that he performs in Beverly Hills.  Dr Palmer was voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler magazine.

Beverly Hills Face Lift Question:

Can a facelift be combined with a full face phenol/croton oil peel?  My aunt is considering a facelift. She has a considerable amount of loose skin but also very, deep lines around the cheek, mouth, chin and lips. Even when you pull the skin and simulate a facelift the lines are still there. Does anyone have experience in combining the two?

Dr Palmer’s Answer:

No, this is pretty much an accepted principle that the Facelift should not be combined with an aggressive full face re-surfacing whether it’s a Laser or Chemical Peel.  The idea behind tis is that skin needs blood supply to heal after a facelift and resurfacing the skin at the same time as a Facelift decreases the ability of the skin to heal.  Ths standard is to separate the two by a minimum of six months.  So which goes first?

Since laxity, of the skin, increases the depth of lines and wrinkles doing a peel or resurfacing before the Facelift means the skin would need to be burned deeper than it would if the facelift was done first (making the lines less deep).  For that reason, the facelift is always done first followed by the face resurfacing at 6 months or later.  If a minimally invasive type of Facelift is performed, then a moderate depth face peel like a 30% TCA can be done because the facial tissues are not as invasively dissected as they are with traditional, mid face or deep plane face lifts.