Beverly Hills facelift, what you should know about facelifts in general.

Beverly Hills Facelifts, performed by Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeon Dr Francis Palmer a world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler Magazine.  These are the things that you should know about Facelifts before having a Facelift Surgery.

  1. Yes, Virginia people are still having Facelifts.  This is an urban myth, perpetuated by non-Facelift Surgeons as a means to blur the lines of how effective non-Facelift techniques like Laser, Peels, Ultrasound and radiofrequency skin tightening procedures compare to facelifts.  The reality is that any of these, non Facelift, skin tightening procedures will most likely tighten the skin by 1-2 mm’s (for referece, there’s 25.4 mm’s in 1 inch) while a facelift can remove 2, 3 inches of skin or more (over 50 to 75 mm’s).  Do not be confused, skin tightrening procedures have there place but they are not technically capable of remove the amount of exces skin that can be achieved with a Facelift…no matter what is being promised.
  2. Not all facelifts are created equal.  There are very invasive facelift surgeries like the subperiosteal Facelift or midface Facelift that is performed deep within the facial tissues.  These Facelifts can result in an unnatural lift of the corners of the eyes and mouth due to the vector (direction) of tissue pull and for that reason, I do not recommend or use these facelift techgniques.  Traditional facelifts are moderate level of invasive techniques but still require 5-6 hours of surgery (and anesthesia time), with months of tissue recovery as well as pressure dressings, drains and heavy travel and activity restrictions for the first month post-op.  For those reasons, for the most part in our Beverly Hills Practice that has facelift patients from all over the world, this technique carries too long of a surgery and recovery time for people with busy lifestyles, not to mention very long inscisions.  The newest category of facelifts are the ones that have all the benefits of the more invasive facelifts with added benefits they don’t offer.  This is our Minimal Incision facelift we call the “Palmer Celebrity Facelift”.
  • The Palmer Celebrity Facelift has the following advantages over other types of Facelifts:
  • No incisions in the front or posterior hairlines.
  • Incisions that are about 20% as long as those used in traditional Facelifts.
  • Limited tissue dissection which means a quicker surgery (about 90 minutes) and anesthesia time as well as less area to bleed into.  This means less bruising and swelling post op.
  • Rapid recover time based on the items above, that’s measured in hours instead of weeks or months as in traditional, sub periosteal or mid face Facelifts.
  • Has integrated ability to shape the face making it more feminine or masculine, as appropriate, by shaping the facial fatty tissues, cheeks, chin and Jawline using dermal fillers (Perlane, Radiesse) or using facial implants (cheek implants, chin implants).
  • The SMAS is dissected, elevated, trimmed and re-sutured which is the most secure and stable way to lift it versus merely suspending it with threads, or suspension sutures that may not remain secure over time.
  • Follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty as outlined in my book on the subject “What’s Your Number…The Palmer Code”