Beverly Hills Facelifts

Quick, when you think of a beautiful starlet that has undergone a facelift surgery procedure…you often think of Beverly Hills which in the greater Los Angeles area because of it’s proximity to and high number of celebrity clientele.

Celebrities have for many years undergone some form of facelift procedure as a way to look attractive to their adoring fans. We, as a society love our “beautiful stars” and require them to look “star-like” with an almost Peter Pan like youthfulness that seems to defy gravity, time and logic. Often that look comes from a brilliantly performed facelift surgery.

What is a brilliantly performed facelift surgery? Simple, one that creates a natural, beautiful face regardless of whether it’s for a woman or a man. The inspired facelift procedure will allow the face to appear beautiful (in a woman) or ruggedly handsome (in a man) in a natural manner without the obvious signs of poor surgical results like the “wind-swept” or “joker” look that seems all to prevalent in today’s tabloids and expose’ pieces on bad plastic surgery.

So, how do you get an inspired facelift procedure?

1. Everything begins with the realization that the face has an aesthetic shape when it appears beautiful in women and ruggedly handsome in men. Further these are not the same or inter-changeable which means that the facelift must have very different goals for a woman than a man’s face.

2. Shape always trumps symmetry. That means that when performng a facelift, the plastic and cosmetic surgeon must be sure to create a more youthful, naturally appearing shape to the face as a result of the facelift procedure. If this is overlooked, as seems so commonplace today, the result is a pulled, unattractive appearance. Another way to say this is: it doesn’t matter how tight the facelift procedure pulls the skin, but rather what shape is left behind that determines how good the face looks.

3. This will mean that whether you are 32, 45 or 68….your face must have the proper , youthful shape established in order for your face to appear youthful and naturally attractive. The facelift which is designed to lift and tighten loose muscle and skin alone can’t create the desired shape. There is another dimension that must be added to the facelift in order to acheive this all important goal.

4. The main area that needs to be focused upon, in addition to the tightening and removal of excess skin during the facelift, is the creation of the proper..more youthful cheek, jawline, chin and neck. The lips may also be enhanced and the nose refined
(Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery) all to add the finishing aesthetic touches to the face.

5. Shaping the cheeks may mean removing excess fat from the nasolabial folds and or creation of a more shapely cheek by using soft tissue fillers like Perlane or Radiesse or by using a
cheek implant.

6. The jawline is best shaped by using a soft tissue filler like Perlane or Radiesse. Jaw implants do exist but are somewhat problematic, in my opinion to the point that I prefer using the fillers for this effect.

7. Chin implants or fillers both work well at shaping and augmenting the chin area.

8. The lips can be augmented using Alloderm or any number of fillers that are applied to the borders of the lip. Alloderm is placed just beneath the red portion of the lip above the lip muscle through small incisions at the corners of the mouth.

So if you are looking for a softer, morre youtful face as a woman or a ruggedly handsome face as a man….be sure to
select a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who embraces the above aesthetic philosophy when it comes to shaping the face. Remember it all about facial shape and much less about how much skin is removed and how tight the face is pulled.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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