Beverly Hills (Greater Los Angeles) Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery) is one of the most difficult plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure to master and takes literally hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of cases to become proficient in the techniques.

As we continue our overview of Rhinoplasty, I believe it’s wise to keep an eye on the aesthetic goals with which your Rhinoplasty is being planned. In other words:

1. Does the nasal tip need to be thinned, raised, lowered, enlarged or made more symmetric. Does cartilage need to be added to the tip for additional support or symmetry.

2. Are the nasal bones wide, to high (nasal hump) or to low (scooped…ski slope), straight, crooked or asymmetric. Do the nasal bones need to be broken or can they be rasped.

3. Is the mid section of the nose wide, narrow or asymmetric.

4. Can the aesthetic goals of the Rhinoplasty be accomplished with a closed Rhinoplasty or does the nasal tip work require a more direct approach that is accomplished with an open Rhinoplasty.

Once and only after all these questions are answered can the aesthetic plan be mapped out for your Rhinoplasty…which after all is the whole purpose for the Rhinoplasty.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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