Beverly Hills Perlane Specialist

Beverly Hills Perlane Specialist and world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Francis Palmer who was voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic Surgeons by Tatler Magazine performs Perlane Injections to shape the Cheeks, Chin and face into a more youthful and naturally attractive manner.

Perlane can be injected, as we do in our Beverly Hills office, as an office treatment in 10 minutes.  Perlane can create soft, full round cheeks in women as well as filling in dents, grooves and indentations within the cheek area that result with aging.  The result, of the Perlane Injections, can be seem immediately as the Perlane is massaged and molded into the proper aesthetic shape during Cheek Augmentation.

Perlane can be used to create high, narrow and angular cheeks in men making the face appear more ruggedly handsome.  Perlane Injections can also be used to augment the chin.  Perlane Injections are associated with very little bruising, swelling and lumpiness compared to other shaping fillers.

We call Perlane our “red carpet” filler as you can have Perlane Injected in the morning and look fabulous as you walk the red carpet that night.