Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Q and A by Dr Francis Palmer, voted One of the “World’s Best” Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons.

Here are some common questions and answers:

Q: I often read that it takes 10 days to recover from a face lift but I don’t know if that includes upper and lower blephs plus browlift, which people often have at the same time. I’d like to know how long to budget in a general way even as you need to add the disclaimer that everyone is different, we all heal at different rates. If it helps I am a 45 woman basically in good health, some asthma and allergies, of Caucaision and African-American descent. A: I have performed Face Lifts for over 20 years and don’t perform Brow Lifts along with Full Face Lifts because of the area of tissue dissection that required: across the entire forehead, face and neck. This leaves very little area for blood supply to heal the skin flaps along the lower section of the Face Lift.  I typically will perform the full Face Lift, Neck Lift with or without the Bleharoplasty (eyelid Surgery) and save the Browlift for another time at 6-12 months later.  This is safer than having a problem with healing after the Face Lift where a portion of the skin could die creating an unsightly large scar. Full Face Lift with Neck Lifts require patients stay in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area for a minimum of 10 days and the tissues will take 4-6 months for the swelling, lumps and bumps to resolve.  Depending on your particular case…how much tissue dissection, skin removal etc. is performed, the longer your recovery time.  Most patients are able to put on makeup and look at 1 month post-op. Q:When is the pre operative surgical markings done for a face lift and blepharoplasty. It is before the surgery while you are awake and sitting up or after you are sedated and lying down? A: I have been performing Face Lifts for over 20 years and have taught Face Lift techniques to resident surgeons for quite a few years. The markings associated with a Face Lift could be done either way…with the patient sitting up which is the way I saw plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons do when I was training over 20 some years ago. I have always allowed my Face Lift patients to lay down on the O R table before I do the facial marking as I feel it allows them to relax more. IMO, if the results of a Face Lift are not what you desired, I really doubt the way in which things were marked had any real impact. It’s more important that the true aesthetics of the face are accentuated during any Face Lift technique. The aesthetics of beauty is the topic of my new book “What’s Your Number…the palmer code”. Q: Opinions on Stem Cell Facelift? Is the “stem cell facelift” hype or something worth looking into? I have seen wonderful before and after photos, but I have learned not to always trust them. Thank you for your input. A: Sadly, complete hype. Stem Cell Face Lifts are nothing more exotic than your own fat treated to isolate the naturally occurring stem cells within your fat which is then injected into your face like traditional fat transfer.  Stem Cell Face Lifts may plump up the face but there’s no evidence to support claims that these stem cells will magically rejuvenate your face. Stem Cell Face Lifts can’t:

  • tighten the underlying SMAS muscle layer
  • tighten or remove excess skin

Q: Would a Surgeon Refuse Me a Temple Lift for Being Too Young?

I am a 20 year old female. I realize that face lifts are intended for much older people, but I think a temple lift could help improve the overall look of my face by giving the outer corners of my eyes a subtle lift and slightly lifting my lower cheeks. I’ve used my fingers to gently elevate the skin in that area and I quite like the way it looks. I don’t think my age should be a big factor in determining whether or not I am a good candidate for this surgery.


At 20 years old it’s unlikely that your eyebrows are low enough in position to warrant any type of Forehead Lift. I would always reserve the right to change my opinion based on seeing you but in my 20 + years of performing Face and Forehead Lifts, I have not performed a Forehead Lift on anyone under 27 and any type of Face Lift on anyone under 32 years of age.

Q: Face Lift at 40 years old

If I’m in my 40’s, would it be alright to have a Face Lift instead of a filler like Perlane or Restylane? A: Your age is much less of a deciding factor than the signs of aging and the shape of your facial features.  If you have nasolabial folds, jowls and excess loose skin, fillers would be helpful in shaping the face but won’t and can’t remove excess skin or tighten the underlying SMAS muscle.  For that, you would need a Minimum Incision Face Lift or a larger, more invasive traditional Face Lift. Think of fillers like Radiesse, Perlane, Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra as the least invasive and effective method of reversing facial aging.  Combined Minimum Incision Face Lift along with fillers as the next step and finally fillers with a more involved type Face Lift as the most extreme way to rejuvenate the face and neck.