Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery “Tip of the Day” from Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

Rhinoplasty do’s and don’ts:

I have performed many, many Rhinoplasties and revision Rhinoplasties over the past 20 years and I have written numerous scientific articles and blog entries on the subject. Yet, there are still soo many basic questions from blog readers about Rhinoplasty that I thought I’d write some basic helpful tips that I’ve learned over the years.

First the Do’s:

1. do your homework when seeking a Rhinoplasty surgeon. Look for training, years of experience (at least 7-10 in my opinion) of performing Rhinoplasty, longer if you have a complicated Revision Rhinoplasty as this is a quantum level more difficult to perform.

2. Do see a few plastic surgeons who fit the qualifications mentioned above for a paid consultation. remember, it’s expensive running a plastic surgery office and OR. They don’t make money giving away free consults and I personally don’t know any top plastic surgeons who do. Free consults are come ons to get you in and sell you something. A consultation should be a time to get an aesthetic opinion about you and whay may make you look more attractive.

3. Realize that you’re nose does not make up the vast majority of you’re facial beauty. read more here: Your nose should be sleek, proportioned and natural in appearance.

4. There are many ways to perform a Rhinoplasty with a dizzying aray of grafts and implants and ways to reduce and thin the nasal tip. That’s what experience brings. Knowing when to use what. Ask specific questions during your consultation.

5. Look at real life pictures of before and after Rhinoplasty result….NOT AN IMAGING COMPUTER.

6. Expect to pay top dollar for a great job. There are no bargain basement discounts in the top 10% of plastic surgeons and thats what you want versus the bottom 50% isn’t it?

7. Be willing to travel to a different city or state to get the very best. It’s a week out of your life versus a lifetime of regret if you wind up with a nose you hate and have to have revision Rhinoplasty surgeires.

8. Go over normal post op Rhinoplasty instructions, limitations and general healing during your pre-Rhinoplasty and early post op visits. Don’t be afraid to call your plastic surgeons office and ask questions of the nurse and or plastic surgeon. Many times a simple answer will alleviate your fears and concerns.

9. Give yourself time to hael after your Rhinoplasty…typically 6 months for a first time uncomplicated Closed Rhinoplasty and up to 2 years for an open Revision Rhinoplasty with multiple grafts and implants.

10. Use common sense….after youre Rhinoplasty. Avoid strenuous activity, hitting or bumping the nose (sleep for a month on a U-shaped pillow).

Now the Don’ts

1. Don’t panic if your nose is crooked or swollen in the first few weeks.

2. Don’t have multiple doctors or surgeons giving you advice or treating you as this is often recipe for disaster. Stick with one doctor until you feel you need to change.

3. Don’t strive for perfection. The nose doesn’t need to be perfect…just sleek and refined.

4. Don’t have the Rhinoplasty until you understand what exactly the procedure will do to amke your nose and you look more attractive.

5. Don’t have a Revision Rhinoplasty for at least 6 months after the previous procedure. This obviously does not include emergency issues like an infection or bleeding which may require immediate attention.

6. Don’t decide to ignore the instructions of your plastic surgeon. You don’t have the knowledge to treat yourself.

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Dr. Francis R Palmer, III