Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery “Tip of the Day” from Dr. Francis R Palmer, III Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. 10 ways to look fabulous this Holiday Season.

10 ways to look fabulous this Holiday Season.

The holidays are fast approaching and very soon you’ll be at family gatherings, office parties and other social functions where you’ll want to look your very best. Here are 10 sure fired ways to wow them this holiday season.

1. If you have sagging skin of the face and neck but can’t take 2-3 weeks off work to recover or aren’t interested in an extensive face lift and neck lift taking upwards of 4-6 hours of surgery time and anesthesia…the Minimal incision face and neck lift may be just the thing. Based on the same principle as our more extensive Facial Contour(R) Facelift, the “Celebrity Lift” and the “Geometric Neck Lift” are designed to have very small incisions, limited tissue dissection (which means rapid recovery and virtually no time off from work), underlying muscle layer trimmed and tightened with excess skin removal…and best of all this procedure can be performed without anesthesia. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and when combined with Radiesse Injections to shape the cheek area, this procedure has the ability to make you look 10 years younger. Most patients return to work a day later. The Celebrity Lift uses dissolveable sutures and many patients fly home after several days.
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2. Cheek Augmentation. Full shapely cheeks make a woman’s face appear soft, feminine and attractive. Think Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. Cheek Augmentation can be performed using:
a. Cheek Implants (read more here:)

or with Radiesse Injections (see link above for more info). The benefits of Radiesse Injections are: It’s an office procedure, minimal bruising and swelling which is typically gone the next day and the shape of the Cheeks are obtained instantly with this molding paste. Radiesse also works great to shape chins for Chin Augmentation, fill in the NLF’s and for creating a more angular jawline (in men).

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Dr. Francis R Palmer, III