Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery “Tip of the Day” from Dr. Francis R Palmer, III Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery “Tip of the Day” from Dr. Francis R Palmer, III Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Revision Rhinoplasty: a slippery slope.

So, you wanted to make your nose more attractive and you had a nose job a Rhinoplasty to reshape the nasal structure. Unfortunately…things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and now you want anotehr Rhinoplasty….this time it’s a Revision Rhinoplasty.

Did you know that under the best circumstances, your nose will improve an average of 2 points (on a 10 point scale with 10 being perfect) after a Rhinoplasty. Less after a revision Rhinoplasty. This is partially because, as I have mentioned many times on this blog that the nose does not make the face attractive if it’s perfect but does detract from your looks if it (the nose) draws attention to itself because it’s large, asymmetric or has some other unsightly feature or flaw. It’s also the built in unpredicatble nature of doing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery on the nose which seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to post Rhinoplasty healing.

Because these two simple facts are not commonly known and understood by patient and Plastic Surgeon alike….hundreds of thousands of Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries are required. Why?

1. Some of the Rhinoplasty Procedures were not required. The Rhinoplasty did not make the person more attractive.

2. The aesthetic judgement of the patient and/or the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon were incorrect and the result of the Rhinoplasty did not make the person more attractive…in many cases it detracted from their appearance.

3. The Rhinoplasty was done properly but the post Rhinoplasty healing decreased the aesthetic effect and the person did not look more attractive after the Rhinoplasty. Can be from the patient ignoring post Rhinoplasty instructions, plastic surgeon does not give post Rhinoplasty instructions/manipulations or the patient had some traumatic event during the post Rhinoplasty period and caused some injury to the nose that decreased the aesthetic result.

All of these scenarios can cause a person to seek revision Rhinoplasty….but hopefully they learn from the first Rhinoplasty but experience in my Beverly Hills and london Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery pratice tells me otherwise as I have patients with 3, 4, 5, up to 10 previous Rhinoplasty Surgeries before they came to me. One thing they all had in common was I make a verbal contrcat that the Revision Rhinoplasty that I perform, if I agree to take their case, will be their last. Why?

I have several ghoals when I perform Rhinoplasty or revision Rhinoplsty and these are:

1. Create a natural, soft and sleek appearing nose.

2. Re-create a normal natural looking nose if previous Rhinoplasty has been performed.

3. The nose you started with may not be attainable and you and I, if I take you as my patient must come to the same conclusion if that is indeed the case. I believe that more Revision Rhinoplasty is performed needlessly each and every day in the search for that “old nose” that’s never coming back. So, we will not waste your time and money on a false crusade…we will give yo the most natural looking and attractive nose possible.

more later……

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III