Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery “Tip of the Day” from Dr. Francis R Palmer, III Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon: Skincare and You.

Skincare, what’s it all about. I recall several years back when I first tackled the problem of formulating effective skincare products, there seemed to be a maze of misinformation out there in the industry.

The other day I ran across the following series of questions that I was asked by a wholesale agent who was considering our products. I think it’s great reading for anyone interested in skincare products.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III

Dr. Palmer has said that his Cosmeceutical skincare line of products called Francis R Beverly Hills will revolutionize the way people think about beauty. Why?

Because the Perfect Skin System makes sense out of something previously believed to be complicated. Using highly effective products, like our FRBH products (see below what makes them highly effective) in a common sense manner (The Perfect Skin System) works your skin will be more attractive.

Why should I change from my current skin care products to FRBH?
FRBH really works.

Put your current creams away for 4 weeks and try FRBH. Within 2 weeks your friends, family and loved ones will see a difference in your skin. FRBH brings you highly effective skin care products that are formulated for results.

When you say FRBH products are result driven, explain more?

FRBH was developed by Dr Francis R Palmer, III a world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for 1 purpose, to create beautiful skin for his upscale clients. Dr. Palmer spent months testing different formulations until he came up with a line of cosmeceutical skin care products that really worked. products that made his patients skin more beautiful, smooth, and firm. Products good enough to carry his name on each and every label.

What are the specific results people can expect from FRBH skincare products?
Skin appears firm with appearance of tighter skin
Decrease in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Improve tone and texture
Improve pigment irregularities
In some patients within 2 weeks although individual results may vary.

What % of your patients is currently using FRBH?

Almost all of our patients use FRBH, in fact that’s how it all got started. Dr. Palmer was asked to be the medical director for a minimally invasive clinic using the latest sound, light, laser and radiofrequency technology. Although he did not take the position, during his research into the very latest cutting edge technology for beauty enhancement, Dr. Palmer began searching for skin care ingredients that would firm and tighten the skin while decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. After months of testing hundreds of different formulas, Dr. Palmer had several that he thought would really work. His patients gladly bought the products and gave back rave reviews “I’ve tried everything but nothing works as well as FRBH products” was a comment that Dr. palmer heard over and over along with “You have to sell these creams everywhere to everyone” was another. After months of hearing rave review after rave review from patients using the skin care products, Dr. Palmer decided to bring FRBH to the public. FRBH products were featured on Dr. Phil’s mother day TV special as one of the must have gifts for Mothers Day.

What % of FRBH customers reorder?

Over 80%…in fact spouses and significant others will frequently steal the creams and start using them themselves.

What are the Ingredients? What makes your products more effective than others products.