Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty remains one of the most commonly performed plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure with hundreds of thousands performed each year in the US alone. Such a common plastic surgery procedure, so why are there soo many unanswered questions about Rhinoplasty before and after the surgery? Truth is, I’m not sure. I’ve been performing Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty for over 20 years now from the time of my residency at LA County USC Medical Center and into some 18 years of private practice in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills and London (from 1994-2000).

I think several key points about Rhinoplasty and how potential consumers get their information about aesthetic medicine which includes treatments and surgery designed to improve the appearance, has something to do with the issue: (these are my opinions)

1. Rhinoplasty is the most technically difficult plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure performed in Aesthetic Medicine.

2. Aesthetic judgment of the plastic surgeon about what will and will not make the nose more attractive is key to success of any Rhinoplasty.

3. In the best scenario (highly skilled Rhinoplasty Surgeon, proper aesthetic judgment, great outcome) the nose will go up 2 points on a 10 point scale with 10 being perfect. Yes, you heard me correctly. A nose that ranks a 7 out of 10 could go to a 9 but won’t be a 10. You get the point. This is an important point…you do not need a perfect nose. You should have a nose that appears sleek and unobserved.

4. Post Rhinoplasty healing can be prolonged and complicated and is negatively impacted by: thick skin, previous Rhinoplasty surgery or trauma.

5. Repeated Rhinoplasties to seek perfection are fraught with danger as the nose looses some of it’s ability to heal after each subsequent Rhinoplasty.

6. You must be realistic about expectations after a Rhinoplasty. Make your nose appear sleek and unobserved and then look at your Cheek, Eyes/Eyebrows and Lips as the defining facial characteristics that make a face look beautiful or handsome.

7. TV shows that talk about Rhinoplasty are able to just give you sound bites about the complexities of the procedure and all that’s involved. Magazine articles typically give even less information and often are quite superficial in nature.

Some additional tips:

1. Never use price as a determing factor for a Rhinoplasty. Experienced, well-qualified Rhinoplasty Surgeons don’t offer specials…trust me on that.

2. Find a Rhinoplasty surgeon that exhibits the type of facial aesthetics that make sense to you.

3. Experience is key….there is no substitute and Rhinoplasty experience takes 5-7 years minimum as a practicing plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

4. In some states dentists and other groups are now allowed to perform Rhinoplasty. You may want to inquire about training and decide if this sounds right to you.

At the end of the day, your nose should fit your face and look natural. If you follow this advice you are helping to make that a reality. If not you could wind up looking worse as some of the celebrities that have recently made the news.

By Dr. francis R Palmer, III Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon