Beverly Hills Rinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills style. I don’t believe that it’s coincidence that celebrities seek Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. As a plastic and cosmetic surgeon here in Beverly Hills for almost 20 years and someone who has performed Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty for over 20 years (including some 100 cases before I finished my surgical residency) I’d like to think that there is a certain style and elegance to the way that I approach the aesthetic shaping of the nose. In other words, a Nose Job or what we call Rhinoplasty. That sense of style can be summed up in the follow points, which anyone interested in Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty should understand.

1. The nose is not the aesthetic center of the face even though it can draw a great deal of attention to itself. This means that trying to acheive a perfect nose through multiple Rhinoplasy surgeries is pointless. All you need is a sleek natural appearing nose without major flaws.

2. You stare at your face and nose way more than any observer, so the things you see may not be evident to everyone else. This is why you need an expert aesthetic analysis of your face and nose by an aesthetically gifted plastic and cosmetic surgeon before you have a Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty. During this consultation, it’s the plastic surgeon’s job to use his/her aesthetic skills and knowledge of Rhinoplasty to ascertain if your are or are not a suitable Rhinoplasty candidate.

A suitable Rhinoplasty candidate is someone who’s appearance will be improved by the Rhinoplasty and someone who has a good chance of getting an improved nasal shape with little chance of complications. Every surgery, plastic surgery including Rhinoplasty has risks but an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon can tell when the odds are in your favor or are against you. This is not a little point but a big deal and a lack of this understanding, in my opinion, is the one of the main reasons people have to have Revision Rhinoplasty….some over and over again as the patient and plastic surgeon chase the unattainable.

3. Realistic expectations are key. Forget the computer images of your nose until the day we can get computers, not plastic surgeons to do your Rhinoplasty. Manipulating pixels are one thing but have no basis in reality when it comes to Rhinoplasty or revision Rhinoplasty that is the surgical manipulation of cartilage and bone. Before and after pictures of similar noses are much more important for you to see what is and isn’t realistic to expect after your Rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty is even more complicated and the expectations must be adjusted to making the nose look more natutral and normal which is often the goal of these procedures.

4. Not all plastic and cosmetic surgeons who do Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty are created equal. We all have different training and experience. We all have different sense of aesthetics..of what is important and not.

5. Do your research. Pay for consultation so you can get information and not hard-sell tactics to convince you to have surgery. Never use price as your deternming factor. Second best is never a bargain at any price.

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Dr. Francis R Palmer, III