“Botox for a fresh face this Summer” by Francis R Palmer, III, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Botox for a fresh face this Summer: by Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

Botox, in my opinion, is a liquid miracle. What else can be administered as a simple office treatment that gives immediate effects to those troublesome lines and wrinkles of the face and forehead. Botox injections can raise the corners of the mouth, the eyebrows, lessen unwanted lines and wrinkles…including the lines around the lips that are extremely resistent to any form of Chemical Peel or Laser treatment. If that’s not close to a miracle for today’s active…give me results right now without downtime lifestyle, then I don’t know what is!

Along that same vein, you might want to check out my “Palmer Celebrity Lift” that was recently featured on ABC”S “The View” …you can look 10 years youinger in 90 minutes or less without a general anesthetic! Really!