Breast Reduction

If your breasts are too large, you may be a candidate for a Breast Reduction. Reducing the size, of the breasts, can be accomplished using either Liposuction alone or surgical procedures that are designed to remove breast tissue and skin.

  • The Benefits of reduction with Liposuction are the lack of incisions and noticeable scars. The disadvantage of this minimally invasive procedure is the limited ability, of Liposuction, to remove only fatty tissue from the breasts as well as a lack of ability to remove excess skin and/or lift the breasts.
  • Formal Breast Reduction procedures employ incisions, similar to Breast Lifts, around the areola as well as a Lazy-S along the front of the breast from the areola to the inframammary fold. An anchor-type incision within the fold may also be employed when an extensive reduction is planned.
  • Breast Reduction can be combined with lifting, of the breasts, as a single procedure.
  • Breast Reduction can be performed on men or women. Men typically have the procedure to treat gynecomastia while women often are seeking to reduce the pressure issues that are associated with very large, heavy breasts. These can include back pain, shoulder pain and localized skin irritation/infections of the skin below the breast folds.
  • Women contemplating this procedure should have an in depth discussion with an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon regarding the pros and cons of the surgery, the required recovery time and the possibility of additional procedures in the future to maintain and/or achieve the desired aesthetic results.

Breast Reduction should be considered when smaller more pouty breasts are desired. This procedure can be performed on women, at any age, and is considered when the weight of the breasts causes back pain or redness of the skin. The procedure may be combined with a breast lift if the breasts are sagging. Reducing the breast size is the primary goal of this procedure.

The procedure typically takes about 2 hours and most patients return to normal activity in 2-4 weeks.

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