Buttock Lift

With significant weight loss, increasing age and the effects of gravity the buttock sags as loose skin and excess fatty tissue alter the taught, youthful appearance so often desired. The Buttock Lift is designed to create a youthful shape and position to the buttock. In several hours, you can have a more attractive derriere.

The surgery, lasting several hours, is designed to elevate the sagging Buttocks while removing excess skin. An incision is made within the gentle creases of the back just above the Buttocks. The skin is undermined and the muscle is lifted as the skin is trimmed and the incision closed. Smaller incisions can be used to lift sections, of the buttocks, for a more targeted, less invasive approach. Whichever procedure is chosen, the goal of this surgery is to remove excess, sagging skin and fat from the buttocks in order to make them appear more round and shapely.

Lifting, of the buttocks, can be combined with augmentation techniques to increase the volume using fat transfer and/or placement of buttock implants when deemed appropriate. Adding shape, to the buttocks using your own fat, does require that you have between 1,000 to 1,500 cc’s of fat removed in order to transfer a minimal 400 cc’s to each buttock. This is not an option for those individuals without the necessary amount of excess body fat.

Typically, there is only mild discomfort and normal activity can be resumed after several weeks.

Come discover your options! Why don’t have the look that you’ve always wanted?

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