Can I Have a Graft from Rhinoplasty Removed Easily?

Q. When I had a revision Rhinoplasty, I had mentioned to the doctor that I didn’t like my profile and he placed, what I think, was a graft in to make it look less severe/lessen the angle. It has been a few years and I am not a fan of it at all, it makes my tip and nostrils look uneven and my nose slightly bulbous. Is it easy enough to just have this removed without major surgery?

A. Most likely, not. The unevenness that you see may actually be due to the tip cartilages themselves with or without the cartilage graft. If there is a graft, it may have shifted or partially dissolved which grafts can sometimes do. In either case, your most likely looking at a Revision Tip Plasty as part of a Rhinoplasty. In contrast, if you had stated that the tip looked pretty good except for a small bump where you believed a graft had been placed….this would more likely be a case for simple cartilage graft removal.