Celebrity Facelift performed by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr Francis Palmer

Celebrity Face Lift, performed by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Francis Palmer is a minimally invasive, minimal incision facelift that has all the required elements, of the much larger, more invasive traditional Facelifts (Midface Facelifts, Subperiosteal Facelifts, Deep Plane Facelifts and others). Dr Francis Palmer, voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons by Tatler Magazine created, perfected and is the only plastic surgeon performing his “Celebrity Facelift” which he calls the “Palmer Celebrity Facelift”. “We have been absolutely thrilled with the results of our Celebrity Facelift that offers rapid healing and recovery while making the face 10-15 years younger.” The secret to the sucess of the Palmer Celebrity Facelift is tailoring each individual surgery to bring out the natural, youthful beauty in the face through artistic recognition of what tissues require shaping and or tightening and removal. This process is based upon Dr Francis Palmer’s book on the aesthetics of human beauty (face and body) “What’s Your Number…The Palmer Code”.

“When creating the Palmer Celebrity Face Lift, we were looking to modify, streamline and minimize the recovery of the traditional Facelifts to better suit the needs of our patients in this fast paced, modern, global society that can ill afford to appear “wind-swept”, bruised, lumpy, bumpy and swollen for weeks or months.” The Palmer Celebrity Facelift is a quantum shift in the aesthetic vision of how facelifts should be used to make the face more naturally attractive. This is done by following three basic rules:

  1. Everything that is done to the face during the facelift “must” make the face more naturally attractive.  This eliminates the possibility of the face appearing “over-pulled”, “Joker-like”, unbalanced or otherwise aesthetically unattractive as is commonly seen today in the media’s coverage of otheer types of facelift results.
  2. Each face is analyzed to see exactly what tissues need to be adjusted in order t create a naturally, more youtful and attractive face.  Using The Palmer Code beauty principles as his guide, Dr Palmer  can determine if the cheeks need to be augmented, excess facial fat needs to be removed, the chin should be augmented or the lips made more full and balanced.  When viewed in this manner the face becomes a canvas whose beauty becomes greater than the sum of each individual aesthetic feature.  Augmentation can be accomplished using Cheek Implants, Chin Implants, Perlane, Radiesse, Restylane or Juvederm.  Botox, Xeomin or Dysport can also be used to soften unwanted lines and wrinkles of the forehead and Glabella.
  3. The “basic required elements” of  an effective facelift are incorporated which include: an incision curved around the front of the ear through which excess skin can be removed; the underlying SMAS muscle layer is dissected, elevated, tightened and the excess removed (not suspended or merely folded with threads and sutures that eventually loosen allowing this layer to fall) and finally any excess fat is removed (fat can not be lifted with threads or sutures as these simply pull through the fat allowing it to fall).

The Palmer Celebrity Facelift  offers the following improvements over the larger, more invasive types of facelifts (Traditional facelift, midface facelift, deep plane facelift, long flap SMAS facelift and others):

  1. Small incision (about 1/4 the length of those used in other facelifts) around the curved, front portion of the ear extending approximately 1 inch into the crease behing the ear. (no incisions in the hair in front or behind the ear are required).
  2. Limited yet focused tissue dissection for limited bruising, swelling allowing a rapid recovery.  Patients fly back to Europe, Asia, The Middle East as early as the third post op day versus 10 to 14 days with otheer types of facelifts.
  3. The Palmer Celebrity Facelift can be performed in 90 minutes or less using whatever level of anesthesia suits your needs and lifestyle.  In our fully accredited surgical suite, we offer full general anesthesia, IV sedation (twilight anesthesia) or local infiltration depending on what’s best for each individual patients needs.

Dr Francis Palmer has performed his Palmer Celebrity Facelift, for over a decade, and has over 25 years experience performing facelifts on patients from all walks of life who come to The Palmer Code Institute of Beverly Hills from all over the world.