Celebrity Makeovers

OK Magazine this month has a section on Extreme Celebrity Makeovers.

It’s no surprise that Hollywood celebrities have plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures like Breast Augmentation with Implants as OK Magazine suspects might be the case for Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag and Kate Hudson.

OK magazine has what they say are pictures of the starlets before their Breast Augmentations and photos of them after supposedly having their Breasts Augmented. You take a look but it appears that their Breasts are larger and fuller….this certainly does and would occur after Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants.
Heidi’s nose appears thinner which could be a result of a Rhinoplasty and her lips appear more full and plump that may be an indication of a lip plumping filler like Restylane or Juvederm or even a Lip Implant made of Alloderm, soft silastic or one that’s saline filled. On the same note, there’s a set of photos that suggest Jessica Simpson may also have had Lip Augmentation using fillers or lip implants. Take a look at the article and you decide.

More interesting are photos of Angelina Jolie that appear to show string like protrusions in her neck below the ears. This may indicate that Angelina Jolie may have had a thread type Face Lift where threads are placed under the skin and used to hook and then lift and pull back the skin and tissues of the face and or neck. In some cases, these threads, can begin to erode through the tissues and become visible just under the skin. If that occurs, the threads must be removed before they puncture through the skin creating an opening and scar formation. I used these years ago when they first came out and was unhappy with the results and possible complications. Thread Lifts are used when someone is attempting to avoid any incisions in or around the ears when attempting to lift and tighten the skin. Instead of the Thread Lift, I created The Palmer Celebrity Lift in contrast is what I believe is the best Face Lift in the US and the World because it uses minimal incisions (required when removing excess skin), limited tissue dissection and a very rapid recovery. In my opinion, a better way to go than using sutures or threads to try and lift tissue at the risk of the sutures and or threads coming through the skin or becoming visible.

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***Disclaimer: This information is provided for entertainment and educational purposes only and is not intended to prove that any of the above mentioned person(s) has, had, or will ever have any type of plastic surgery treatment or procedure or any affiliation with Dr Francis Palmer.