Celebs are beautiful..so What’s Their Number?

What’s Your Number is a system that I’m introducing in my new book, due out this Spring, that allows the face, body and other aspects of one’s self to be quantified by a single number between 1 and 100 with 100 being perfect or the ideal. We all know that female celebs are beautiful and male celebs are handsome but how beautiful or handsome? Using my What’s Your Number system I’ve calculated the Face Numbers of some famous celebs found on popeater.com This concept was developed during almost 20 years in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery both here in Beverly Hills and London.



Angelina: 97 Brad: 94

Pamela 93

Megan Foxx 98

Vanessa Hudgens 95 Zac Efron 90

Jennifer Aniston On the cover of GQ 99

Brooke Hogan 93

Kate Winslet at the SAG awards 88

Audrina Patridge Season 4 finale of “The Hills” 91

Miley Cyrus 94 Justin Gaston 98

Lindsay Lohan 92 Samantha Ronson 73

Britney Spears 83

Keira Knightley Glamour Cover 96

Hayden Panettiere at Kohl 90

Beyonce in the press room 92

Beckhams at the “My Sky HD Wears Fendi” party David 98 Victoria (Posh) 87

Jessica Alba at Clipper Game 99

And the winners are Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba with very near perfect 100 out of 100 Face Numbers.

If you’re curious about Your Number for the face and or body, check out my new website that reveals my What’s Your Numbersystem…my new book due out this Spring.

Dr Francis R Palmer, III

This information is intended for educational, editorial and entertainment purposes only…and is not meant or intended to imply or infer that anyone mentioned here has ever had plastic surgery or is associated in any way with Dr. Palmer.