Cheek Augmentation 101 Part Two: Options for Cheek Augmentation by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Francis R Palmer III, MD

Cheek Augmentation Part Two: Today let’s look at ways to augment the Cheeks.

There are Fillers and Cheek Implants. We’ll leave out things like maxillary surgery where the midface is fractured (sewn apart really) and moved forward using bone grafts and plates as this is surgery for serious facial distortions and reconstruction. We are talking about the aesthetic improvement of the Cheeks using Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery treatments and procedures. OK, let’s move on.

Soft tissue fillers are either temporary or permanent. Newer ones come on the market faster than reality shows and the best way to keep current is here…or the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon near you. Be wary of soft tissue fillers given at hotel rooms, houses and the like as these may be banned or dangerous substances. Temporary solutions to shape the Cheek include Fat Injections (which I personally don’t like because the fat is unpredictable…it may may go or something inbetween…and none of that is to my liking),Radiesse (which I do like and use frequently….last 2-5 yeras and can be done as an office trt) and Sculptra ( I also like this material but think Radiesse has a better ability to raise up the tissue and add more volume and shape to the Cheeks).

Permanent Fillers like Silicone (don’t like because of the problems of migration and Siliconeomas…which are benign but rather serious tumors from the silicone within the tissues) and Artecol/Artefil which are small plastic-like beads within a collagen carrier. The collagen dissipates over time but the small beads are permanent. There is some question about Artefil/Artecol creating Granulomas in the tissue but this is a debate still raging at the moment. I should mention that Silicone has made a resurgence with some people traveling to Mexico and other countries for Silicone Injections. I advise against this because you have no idea if the Silicone is medical grade or the cheaper industrial grade which is thought to cause more problems down the line. Bottom line, I like Radiesse as the injectible filler for Molding the face.

Now the Cheeks can be Augmented with Cheek Implants using a dizzying array of various sizes and shapes. I like 2 shapes and a handful of sizes that compliment, not take over, the shape of the face….but hey that’s my opinion. An in depth discussion of Cheek Implants for Cheek Augmentation is available at Implants.html

Next time……Cheek Augmentation 101 Part Three: Less is often more.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III