Cheek Augmentation with Implants

Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants what you should know.

Cheeks are the single most aesthetically important facial feature as outlined in my What’s Your Number the palmer code system and book. What’s Your Number..the palmer code says that your face can score a perfect 100 points, a whopping 75 of those points are possible if your cheeks are ideally shaped. This means that the cheeks alone have the power to make your face look young, old, femine, masculine attractive or less so.

The good news is that I have outlined for you what the perfect female and male cheeks look like and yes, you can have these using cheek implants…or fillers like Radiesse or Perlane but that’s a subject for another day.

The bad news is that implants or fillers that create the wrong aesthetic cheek shape can be devastating bad for your appearance. You can look like a masculine woman, a feminine man or just plain gruesome (like a puppet).

Cheek should be augmented following a set aesthetic standard that allows the female cheeks to be full, soft, round and naturally femine….while in men, the cheeks are angular and masculinely chiseled.

There are many, many variations of sizes, shapes, thickness and materials for cheek implants…the vast majority of which I feel do not create the proper aesthetic cheek shape in my over 20 years experience performing cheek augmentation with cheek implants. I do not believe it’s a good idea for the implant to become incorporated into the bone or facial tissues and have seen patients (done elsewhere) that sadly agree. Some of these patients I am unable to help because I can’t get the implants they had placed elsewhere out. Just remember, permanent means permanent, so I like silastic implants that are easilly removed if you decide to do so for any reason.

It should be stated that, in my opinion again, using facial implants like cheek or chin implants requires a quantum level of aesthetic sophistication on the part of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon who’s placing the implants. The implant size, shape, thickness, material and mode of placement (through the mouth, through the eye, under the skin in front of the ear or through an incision in the scalp all are possible but do not yield in my opinion the same results.) In fact, I’d go so far as to say that some points of insertion should not be considered which brings me to the next point.

As you search, you should consult with experienced top or the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons who perform cheek or chin augmentation with mplants frequently. This is not an easy surgery to learn or master and you do not want to look worse that you did before the surgery.

I’d like to leave with a final thought. The internet is a terrific source of great information as long as that information is genuine. Be careful to get your information on cheek implants, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, botox, juvederm, radiesse or any plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment or procedure directly from the plastic and cosmetic surgeons who perform these procedures…not from the numerous generic directories (websites) that have material written by lay writers or people in sales as a way to get you onto their sites.

These sites charge fees to the listing doctors just so they can suggest, link or refer you to one of the thousands of doctors and surgeons for you to consult with and have these procedures. Problem is, they haven’t written the information, so how do you know the surgeon is experienced. Anyone can write about a surgical procedure but only an experienced surgeon can tell you how it’s done and what you can expect because they’ve actually done that procedure many times.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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