Cheek Implant Augmentation and Removal Question and Answer

Q. I had medium combination malar/submalar silicon implants placed. Three months after, the implants were removed because it was not the look I wanted, resulting in ROUND/FULLER CHEEKS. It has now been almost 3.5 months after removal and my cheeks still feel a bit puffy/round. Will the puffy/round cheeks go away over time? Will the capsule created ever shrink and disappear enabling my cheeks to reabsorb to the bone? Will my cheeks sag faster as I age?

A. Yes, the implant capsule should absorb and after only 3-4 months was not fully formed to begin with IMHO. The cheek shape should return to what it was before the Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants and IMO, the reason your cheeks are round and puffy at this time is most likely due to the swelling from the Cheek Implant removal. These can be easily removed through a small incision on the inside of the mouth but does take some experience to avoid significant post removal swelling. Your cheeks will not age any faster after having the Cheek Implants in and out in less than 4 months.