Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants



Dr Francis Palmer is the world’s leading authority and expert on Cheek Augmentation and believes that the cheeks are the number one beauty feature of the face with the ability to make the face appear male, female, young, old, attractive or less so.  Simply put the cheeks are the most important feature when it comes to facial beauty!  Dr. Palmer’s research into human beauty has identified the cheeks as the aesthetic focal point of the face. The cheeks not the eyes, as many have previously stated, are responsible for the vast majority of what makes a face appear beautiful, feminine, masculine, youthful or aged. Dr. Palmer calls the cheeks the beauty “focal” or “trigger” point of the face.

Dr. Palmer has found that men and women have different ideal shapes when it comes to their cheeks. Women look soft, feminine and attractive with full round cheeks. Men, on the other hand, are ideally suited for cheeks that are short and narrow. This gives the face an overall chiseled or angular appearance that is perceived as ruggedly masculine.

Indications for Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants:

  • Inadequate cheek volume: This means you were born with small cheeks that lack the proper shape and volume.
  • Decreased Cheek Volume from Aging: Unfortunately, cheek shape changes with age.  Until the late 20′s, the cheeks typically appear full and youthful.   As aging progresses, fatty tissue is pulled away from the cheeks towards the nose and mouth. This decreases cheek volume making the face appear elongated, aged and relatively masculine.  While ok for men, this can be devastating for women.
  • Not for Cheek Asymmetry: Some level of asymmetry exists in all faces! As the face forms it’s typical that one side is higher, lower, fuller or flatter creating some degree of asymmetry.  Exquisite beauty, in the cheeks, is based upon the proper aesthetic size and shape, not perfect symmetry.  In all but the most extreme cases the asymmetry isn’t the top priority.  Cheek implants are meant to leave the cheeks with a more aesthetic overall size and shape.   Francis Palmer has performed many cheek implant surgeries and has found that when the proper cheek implants are used, the overall beauty of the face is dramatically increased while asymmetry becomes less noticeable.

Cheek augmentation with Cheek Implants requires a tremendous amount of experience, skill and aesthetic judgment because Cheek Implants alter the facial shape at the bone level.  Cheek Implants of the wrong shape or size may result in an aesthetically unpleasing look.   Dr Palmer has performed numerous cases of revision Cheek Implant surgery that were performed elsewhere.

Cheek implants come in many shapes, sizes and materials but obviously there must be an ideal shape and size for each individual to achieve the most aesthetic improvement from their Cheek Implants.  As a world-renowned and internationally recognized expert in Cheek Augmentation, Dr Francis Palmer will discuss your best options for naturally, beautiful results.

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