Cheeks make the face: Plastic Surgery Blog “Tip of the Day”

Plastic Surgery Blog “Tip of the day”: the Cheeks make the face appear young, old, male, female, attractive or less so. In a word, WOW…Cheeks have more influence over how attractive you are than any other facial feature…not the eyes or nose as is widely believed.

As a Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for over 20 years, I have spent my career making people, from teachers to royalty and heads of state, more attractive. I have learned that the Cheeks are the most aesthetically important facial feature in defining just how attractive you really are. A fact that unfortunately seems lost on many patients and surgeons alike in the field of aesthetic plastic and cosmetic surgery as witnessed by the wide, swollen, sometimes mis-shapen faces we see on TV and the tabloids stories of celebrity plastic surgery.

As people strive to look their very best, I believe that an aesthetic analysis of their cheeks should be the first priority when looking to make any face more attractive. For women, the cheeks should be full and round to give the face a soft, feminine and youthful appearance. For men, the Cheeks should be more narrow adding angularity and a more ruggedly handsome, chiseled look to the face.

Now that we have defined the proper cheek shape for men and women, let’s take a look at ways that you may be able to achieve the ideal shaped cheek.

1. Cheek Implants are a permanent way to alter the shape of your cheeks in a precise and consistent manner. One word of caution “do not try to use implants that are too large and over power your face as these will make the face appear odd and mis-shapen.” Cheek Implantation must use subtle but aesthetically correct shaped implants in order to achieve balance and harmony with your other facial features. These can be done alone or in concert with a Face Lift when loose skin and tissues are an issue.

2. Fillers like Radiesse and Perlane can be used to shape the Cheeks….the procedure is performed as an office treatment and takes just a few minutes. Perlane seems to last about 9 months and Radiesse 12 months, after which it must be repeated. The good news is that using these shaping fillers, any cheek can be made more attractive as the injections can be modified to fit any shape, size and configuration of cheeks. I have to remind you however, that there’s no inherent magic in these fillers and if they are injected in the wrong amount or in the wrong place, the cheeks can and will appear deformed…and will remain so for many months unless something is done to get rid of the material. All of this can be avoided by knowing what shape your cheeks should be and avoiding injections that don’t seem likely to give you that shape.

***these fillers can also be used to shape the chin, jawline and even the nose (Rhinoplasty).

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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