Chin Implants and non surgical Chin Augmentation by Dr Francis Palmer

I have performed many Chin Augmentations with Chin Implants for over 25 years and when performed properly and the correct aesthetic implant is selected, there are very few things that can go wrong. The main issues to consider when having a Chin Implant surgery are:

  • ​The aesthetic size, shape and thickness (called projection) of the chin implant. There is an aesthetic rule, within my Palmer Code beauty principles that defines the proper aesthetic balance of the chin in a man and a woman’s face that I have used for over 25 years to make this determination.
  • The approach used to place the Chin Implant. There are two ways to place a chin implant but I have always only used the external approach through a small curved incision under the chin. When chin implants are placed through the mouth the attachment of the chin muscle must be cut in order to make the proper space for implant placement. This causes the chin muscle to sag later in life (ptosis) and may also allow the implant to shift into the groove inside of the mouth. I have dealt with both scenarios for chin implants placed elsewhere on numerous occasions, so this can and does happen. When placed through the external approach, the muscle is lifted up but the attachment remains intact.
  • The level of the chin implant placement. It is advised that the implant be placed under the periosteum not within the superficial tissues. This will secure the implant against moving. Screws are not required to secure chin implants.
  • Typically, chin implant surgery can be done in less than 30 minutes. There’s minimal bruising and swelling. There may be some mild restriction of movement/temporary numbness of the lower lip based on the added volume (from the implant) under the chin muscle. This tends to decrease slowly over a few weeks.
  • If an inexperienced surgeon performs the chin implant surgery, there’s an increased risk of damaging the marginal mandibular nerve that can lead to permanent loss of lower lip movement. Like all treatments and procedures the number one goal is to find a plastic and cosmetic surgeon with the proper aesthetics of facial beauty…the second goal is to fine one with a vast experience.

Remember, you can always use a filler (I prefer Radiesse) as a non-surgical method of Chin Augmentation if you’re not ready for a Chin Implant. Over half of our chin and cheek implant consults are not candidates for implants and get fillers instead, so this is a real, viable option.