Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants


Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants is one of the most popular plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. The popularity of Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants is increasing as people become aware of the benefits that an aesthetically shaped chin can add to facial harmony and beauty. Both men and women can feel more attractive with Chin Augmentation.

What is a Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty or augmentation mentoplasty, is the cosmetic procedure that reshapes or enhances the size or position of the chin by inserting a chin implant and/or reshaping the chin bone. Chin augmentation is the ideal procedure for those who were born with a small chin or find that aging of the face has caused the chin to become less prominent. This quick and simple procedure can make a world of difference in your facial appearance.

 Why is a Chin Augmentation Done?

Chin implants are used to augment, shape and enhance a recessed or “weak” chin. Dr. Palmer’s personal research on beauty indicates that a male chin is aesthetically balanced when it projects to a point just below the lower lip. A woman’s chin should have enough volume to project approximately ¼ of an inch behind the same point. It has also been observed that on profile, a recessed or weak chin makes the nose appear large and the entire upper face “top” heavy.

Chin augmentation defines the jawline while giving the neck a toned, more contoured appearance.  By providing structure and contour to a diminutive chin, chin augmentation enhances facial harmony and balance at any age. Chin augmentation is often combined with other restorative cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasties, cheek lifts or face lifts to create an overall well contoured and aesthetically pleasing image.

In most societies, a prominent chin and distinct jawline are considered attractive facial features in the opposite sex.  There is a universal agreement on what we humans typically find attractive and facial asymmetry is one of, if not the most attractive feature to potential mates and social acceptance. When it comes to chins, women are attracted to a broad, prominent chin in men. On the other hand, men are attracted to a smaller, slightly more pointed chin with a more delicate jaw in women.

 How is a Chin Augmentation Done?

Dr. Francis Palmer believes that the key to stunningly beautiful results lies in knowing how to properly apply harmonious facial aesthetics. Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant requires a tremendous amount of experience, skill and aesthetic judgment because so much relies on the harmony that the chin can provide. Chin Implants of the wrong shape or size may result in an overall awkward and aesthetically unpleasing look.

Chin implants come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Dr. Palmer understands that each one of his patient’s face are unique and works with the patient to find an ideal shape and size that will achieve the most aesthetic improvement and facial balance from a Chin Implant.  As a world-renowned and internationally recognized expert in Chin Augmentation and Enhancement, Dr. Palmer will discuss your best options for obtaining naturally, beautiful results.

Preparing for a chin augmentation procedure requires planning and a thorough discussion of desired outcomes and expectations. During the pre-procedure consultation, Dr. Palmer will carefully examine your entire face and head in order to determine what enhancements will provide the most natural and aesthetically appealing results.

The chin does not exist apart from the other facial features and a properly done chin augmentation will be one that creates balance and harmony to one’s overall appearance. This harmony is especially important when it comes to the nose-chin balance on the face. When the chin is small, the nose can appear relatively large. A skilled and experienced surgeon, such as Dr. Palmer will consider the nose-chin relationship along with other facial features when a chin augmentation or rhinoplasty is being considered for a client. Dr. Palmer looks at the patients face in entirety in order to make sure balance and beauty are achieved.

Types of Chin Augmentation

Dr. Palmer is a world-renowned specialist in Chin Augmentation and takes great pride in his work. Most chin augmentations are performed using either chin implants or a sliding genioplasty approach. Chin implants are more common and involve inserting a synthetic implant under the skin through small incision underneath the chin or inside the mouth at the gum line.

A sliding genioplasty on the other hand, is a more aggressive approach that involves cutting the chin bone and repositioning it in order to achieve the desired results. Once in place, the chin bone is stabilized using a small titanium metal plate and screws. Sliding genioplasty may have a longer recovery time but there are more modifications available that may not be possible with chin implants.

What is Recovery from Chin Augmentation Like?

Once your Chin Augmentation procedure is completed, the chin will be dressed and bandaged for protection and proper healing. Our friendly staff will assist you in coordinating post-procedure services if needed. Post-procedure instructions usually include plenty of rest, fluids and avoiding any sort of trauma to the chin.

The bandages and dressings placed after the surgery will be removed during follow up appointments which occur within the first and second weeks following the procedure. Suture removal is usually performed within this same time frame, some may be dissolvable. Most of our clients return to school and/or work by the second week post-procedure. It is advised to avoid exercise for the first three to four weeks to allow for proper healing. By the end of the second month 75% of the healing should have taken place and by the fourth month everything should be healed 100% and be enjoying the full effects of your chin augmentation.

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