China, Japan, Korea, The Middle East and Europe Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

As the rest of the world awakens to new ways to make themselves more attractive through Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery and/or non-invasive medical treatments like our Celebrity Face Lift”, Cheek Implants, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Chin Implants, Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm and Lip Augmentation….these procedures have become a munlti-billion dollar industry. If you consider that Botox sales..excluding the new Dysport toxin that just arrived on the US market, has worldwide sales of about 1.2 billion dollars, you can see that many billions of dollars are spent on improving the appearance of people all around the world.

What you elect to have done to improve your appearance should entail at least as much education and fact finding as you’d do to purchase a new electronic device. Except plastic and cosmetic surgery and procedures are hand-made and will vary significantly between plastic and cosmetic surgeons who all have their own way of doing things. Aesthetic Medicine…which includes plastic and cosmetic surgery is not cookbook but is practiced as an art, which means it will be done differently. So your most important decisions as a consumer is to find the right plastic and cosmetic surgeon to give you want you want: which is to be more attractive.
In my opinion, there are two main things that every person must know before seeking to improve upon their appearance. It’s what the celebrities, that look good…not the disasters we’ve all see in the tabloids but the stars that look youthful, refreshed and yes…star-like beautiful. It’s what they know and you need to know as well.

1. There is a guide…a master plan that describes beauty of the face and body and you need to understand the information contained within this guide. A culmination of 20 years of my work as a Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon who has worked on the faces and bodies of celebrities, royalty, captains of industry and socialites from around the world…this guide represents nothing less than my trade secrets of how I made these individuals and thousands more more youtful and naturally attractive. All in an easy to read, follow and learn book >”What’s Your Number…the palmer code.“

2. Once you are armed with the knowledge about what will and will NOT make you more attractive, you must know how to choose your plastic surgeon. I have written an easy to follow 4 step guide on How To Choose Your Plastic Surgeon that will help you in your journey. If your search means that you must travel away from your town, city or country…believe me you are not alone. We have many international clients that travel to Beverly Hills for their plastic and cosmetic surgery and treatments. Why? It’s just like the actress from China who recently contacted us (and she’s by no means alone) who is seeking corrections from locally done work…Quality and experience counts for everything!

There is an old adage that I have found holds true in life and Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is certainly no exception. It especially holds true in China, Asia and Europe where plastic and cosmetic surgery is only now becoming common place….. “there simply is no substitute for experience…and you get what you pay for.” You can’t get a Ferarri for the price of a Yugo and you won’t get a world-class plastic and cosmetic surgeon for a bargain basement price, so if it comes down to penny pinching, I advise you to save your money and take a vacation. You may not look younger or more attractive after the trip…but you won’t risk looking worse, which will certainly cost you much, much more to fix in the long run.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
What’s Your Numberthe palmer code book