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Dr. Francis R. Palmer is a gem of a person. I am so happy with his work . His paintings are truly exquisite,thus,the artist in him is even more finely reflected in his surgical work. He pays attention to the aesthetic value of things,whilst being so humble and polite. The entire staff, Robyn and Andy are very attentive and loving especially Robyn,who is such a pleasant,cultured and polite woman. I have a lot of reverence for the entire team and will always remember them in good words.

Thank you for doing my filler!!! I Love it, It looks so good!!! I will be back in the future for implants!

Dearest Dr. Palmer,
Happy Birthday to my favorite doctor on the planet!!! Thank you for all the years of working so hard to make me beautiful…
Love you,
–Caroline J., Los Angeles, CA

I went in for a little cheek plumping today because my face was becoming flat with age. I was surprised that both Dr. Palmer and his wife, AND their assistant were in the room for what was, I assume, just a minor procedure. Dr. Palmer explained so much about what he was doing and why, and he was very conservative about how much of the filler he put in, since it was my first time. He said I should live with the results for a while and decide if I want more later. Good advice. They were so nice and down-to-earth. I felt totally cared for, which was not what I was expecting from a “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon.” He and his wife were just warm and professional. Oh, and they gave me a little discount on my filler. Thank you. My cheeks look great! Thumbs up. -April P. Long Beach, CA

Dear Dr. Palmer, I waited several months to write you this letter because I now see the true “artistry” of your work on my face. It looked good right away, but I had no idea how “blown away” I would be with the results of my celebrity lift, Radiesse, and geometric neck lift! (And I do not have the “wind-blown look!”) My Fiancé, Bill (whom you met in Sept.) says I am like Benjamin Button, in the movie – only now aging in reverse! Every day I wake up, he says I look younger! Lol! (Before surgery, he would tell me I was looking older every day – don’t worry – I didn’t mind, because it made me ever surer I wanted work done!) Thanks for doing such a fantastic job. I keep sending Robyn pictures to show here how big the difference is. It’s really changed my life. Hope to see you in a year for more Radiesse. –T.T.

Top notch, best experience, and the most friendly staff….I have been going to Dr. Palmer for years now and I continue return to him when I feel the need to “refresh”. He is top of the line and I highly reccomend Dr. Palmer to everyone. I have had many proceedures, from basic Botox to a neck lift, cheeks implants and Radiesse to reconstruct my jaw line. Myself, friends and family are always amazed with the results. His knowledge and professionalism are at the highest of standards….bottom line, put your trust in Dr. Palmer. -John T. West Hollywood, CA

I had Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Palmer and Robyn with great results! Both he and Robyn are professional, caring, and dedicated to their patients. My nose now looks perfect – not only based on what I think, but also by many others (most not even knowing I had any surgery!). It was far beyond my expectations. They not only helped with the surgery, but took care of all the aftercare, which was surprisingly very easy – it heals fast! It has made me feel much more confident and has really changed my life as a result. –E.L.

I first went to see Dr. Palmer because I thought I was unhappy with my cheeks. I told him I wanted cheek implants. Immediately, Dr. Palmer dismissed this idea and told me he wouldn’t do cheek implants on me. I was a little confused by this because I talked to other doctors and they all said they’d do it. However, Dr. Palmer said he wouldn’t because he told me I had far too much natural angularity to my cheeks. He told me it wasn’t needed and would result in a very unnatural appearance. So, I then inquired about having fillers to my cheeks. Dr. Palmer closely examined my cheeks and again he told me no. He told me I have a lot of natural angularity to my cheeks and that my issues were with my chin and jaw area. He explained to me that that I was unhappy with my cheeks not because of my cheeks themselves, but because of the bottom part of my face. He explained to me that my lack of balance drew the attention to my cheeks and so I’d focus on that. That this imbalance made my face top heavy. He told me that he would use fillers on my cheeks, but only after the bottom is corrected. He told me it needed to be done in a reasonable amount and then I could have maximum angularity to my cheeks. The truth is this. I was in a vulnerable state in my life and other doctors could see that and were willing to do whatever to make money. I realize this is a business and everyone wants to make money. That’s great, it really is. However, not when it’s at the expense of not following a proper formula for beauty. Dr. Palmer could have made an easy 8 k or more on me for cheek implants and he didn’t do that. He was more concerned with doing what was right not just for my face, but what was right overall. This is extremely rare. It’s one of the many great qualities regarding Dr. Palmer. Anyway, back to what Dr. Palmer performed on me. He used Radiesse to shape my jaw and chin and I noted exactly what he said. He was exactly right. Everyone who knows me remarked about how great I look and what a difference it made. It changed everything for me and he did a flawless job with how he shaped my jaw. I couldn’t be more impressed with his work. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just a science, it’s an art too. I feel so many doctors forget this, but not Dr. Palmer. He’s regarded as the cheek doctor and the very best cheek doctor in the world for a reason. His eye is amazing and so is his skill. My only regret with Dr. Palmer is that I didn’t have my chin implant done with him. My doctor did a great job and it would have been pretty impossible to have it done by Dr. Palmer since I was out of the country. I couldn’t take the time off from school to do it, too. Still, despite being happy with the results I’ll always favor Dr. Palmer over any doctor. I’ve only been to him once and I still view him as my doctor and I always will. I use his Palmer Code even when I go to other doctors and make sure they follow it. Now that I’m back in the states I plan to see Dr. Palmer again for my cheeks. He’s worth every penny. I know this is probably too detailed of a review. But, if you’re planning on getting surgery of any type you should over think and prepare too much. It’s a big decision and a tough one. So, I thought I’d explain the entire aspect regarding Dr. Palmer so people who have never been to him know just how great he is. I don’t feel it’s enough to say he’s great. People need to know why and with something as important as surgery you really need to be ready for all that’s coming your way. I couldn’t find a single negative with Dr. Palmer if I tried to find one all day every day for a year. Thank you, Dr. Palmer. You’re the best doctor there is and you have a great staff, too. I’m sorry it took me so long to put this review back up, but I wasn’t aware it was removed until now. -G.G.

Dr. Palmer is an artist in the field of facial plastic surgery; he will listen to your wishes and tell you exactly what you need – and more importantly what you DON’T need to do. He has talked me out of expensive procedures or recommended other avenues. He even explained why he WON’T do “fat injections” and some other “trending” procedures. (do your homework!!!) I just had the Palmer Celebrity Facelift and yes – it is different than a “mid facelift”, and I truly could have gone to work the following Monday! His results are natural and symmetrical to your face. I never get tired of hearing “you look amazing”. Thank you Dr. Palmer ;) –G.B.

Had a complete facelift from Dr Palmer, from the initial consultation thru pre/post surgery I have to say was textbook. I felt at home, the staff & his wife Robyn were very reasuring & helpful. (I went to 2 other top Beverly Hills surgeons for initial consultations & didn’t feel like they really listened to all my concerns & questions regarding such a life changing operation vs Dr. Palmer) He addressed my litany of questions and offered all the support I needed (I’ve never had any major procedures before, just some facial fillers over the last few years from different Dr’s) My facelift has erased 15+ yrs, It’s not drastic or overly evident that work was done, I just look more like I did 15 odd yrs ago, younger/healthier.
Thank you Dr Palmer! -S.C.

I was referred to Dr. Palmer by a beautiful woman who is very successful in the modeling industry. I can say she is a beauty advocate by example. So I went to Dr. Palmer for a light filler in cheek area. He suggested Perlane. The results are that the filler has added the jaw line to lift slightly (which is great because I have been concerned about a little sagging between my chin and back of jaw line). Also my face isn’t so flat…in the last 10 years the aging process has diminished that youthful healthy glowy cheek …you know when we smiled and our cheeks would have a little rosy ball that gathered? Well the filler has brought it forth again. I’m 43 years of age…I know that in this day in age we will live longer. We are BLESSED to have these procedures to keep us looking and feeling aesthetically GORGEOUS! Dr. Palmer is California Cool, understanding, kind, he’s a very well practiced aesthetic surgeon. Lets face it…he’s in Beverly Hills because he’s a great in his field! I really really like his staff. Robyn is super professional, fun, and a doer! The receptionist is also on top of it! The team is friendly, fun and yet still assertive. They are all no-nonsense pro’s. When it comes to our faces and bodies and money we aren’t monkeying around. This business of beauty is depending on precision. Dr. Francis Palmer and his team are precise about their work-craft. They are seriously great at what they do. I’m looking forward to my next visit! –A.P.W.

Robyn, We are all so happy with everything you have done for me, it’s a dream come true. Its getting my life back. Thanks again, you and doctor Palmer are an answer to my prayers. Thank for everything, see u soon. V

I’m so glad I went to Dr. Palmer and got myself new lips! I love em’! I’ve never had such “plump juicy” lips before! I had the Alloderm implants and the best part was I didn’t even have to go to sleep. The whole surgery was done in like 35 minutes!!! This is the coolest surgery! I would recommend it to anyone looking to get bigger lips! –Google User

Flew in to have work done by Dr. Palmer. I had neck elipse, microlipo., celebrity facelift, tiplasty, bleph. I will tell you I did my research before choosing a Doc. I spoke to many via phone consultation. I am a doc. so i def. understood the various procedures. I am very busy but am taking the time to write bc often those satisfied are never heard from. I can appreciate that Doctor Palmer takes a conservative approach. People know I look better but can’t figure out why. That is what you want for results. I am very pleased. My surg. was about 3 weeks ago and i am already in the gym doing cardio. My recovery was very quick and down time minimal. The celebrity facelift is awesome! His work overall was awesome. Robyn and his auxillary staff are terrific too. If you are looking for a confidant, competant, caring, personable surgeon…. I highly recommend this office. I was skeptical about doing my nose bc it really wasn’t that bad. I thought perhaps leave good enough alone…… I am so glad I did it because he did such a nice subtle job! I still have some inflammation so I haven’t even seen the final results yet, but even with the swelling I like it. I wil also say that if Dr. Palmer doesn’t see a need for something, he will tell you. It’s not all about money. He cares about the patient and takes pride is his work. I am like that too so I truely appreciate that in another practitioner. Often the best judge is good old mom! SHe produced and loves that face. Mom gave it the thumbs up so I know he did me justice. I still look like “me”…just a better version. Thanks to Dr. Palmer… See you at my post op!!!!!!!!!!!!! –R.T.

Hi Dr Palmer, Just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that everyday my face looks better and better, as the swelling has completely subsided, allowing me to see the real results and I am SO happy! I look at my face and see exactly the results I was hoping for before surgery, there is nothing I don’t like about it. More importantly, I am happy because the deep discontent that distracted me about my aging face no longer preoccupies my mind, and it feels like a new start, everyday I am so happy I made the decision to come and see you. I wanted to write not only to give you feed back, but let you know how grateful I am to you and Robyn and staff, for making such an important decision a positive experience.
Your ever-so happy patient, -S

Dear Dr. Palmer & Team, Thank you for doing such a world-class job on me and for pulling off such miraculous results-already visible in the immediate term. Because of the personal touch & expertise of your work I’m looking forward to enjoying the same wonderful results in the mid and long term. Best wishes, -R

Dear Robyn, You’ve been quite marvelous over the weeks of organizing my trip over here and all the details to be coordinated….your resourcefulness and cheerfulness…made it easy. -R

I called in about a few months ago asking questions about a face peel. The staff are so well informed that they told me why dont i try the microcderm treatment i didnt know what that was utill it was explained to me. i schedule a time to go talk to dr. palmer and well enough was said it was so worth it i love the way my face is looking now i dont break out i dont have dry skin y face feels so soft and looks more clean with the microderm treatment. very happy with my results will be coming back the serviice is more like (welcome home) type of thing. love it. Cindy R. Los Angeles, CA

I have not been able to lose the fat from my arms. No matter how much I worked out or dieted I just could not lose it. I went to see Dr. Palmer and he explained how some people just need certain areas “sucked” out. I had heard about people getting lipo done and having it leave them lumpy. That scared me and made me hesitant to go forward. Dr. Palmer assured me I did not need to worry about that. He would not take away so much that it left me lumpy. I remember calling the office almost everyday with new questions and his staff never made me feel like I was being a bug. I felt safe and trusted him. I would recommend Dr. Palmer to anyone and will be going back for my next surgery! Monique Q. Los Angeles, CA

I am a doc as well, and had my work done by Dr. Palmer.. I had cheek implants and a chin implant done by Dr. Palmer several years ago. My experience was TOP NOTCH. I do and did thorough research before I chose this office. Dr. Palmer has a gifted eye. How i chose him for my procedure was: I looked at myself, and decided what my chief complaint was. Then i got consults from various docs. The one that closest mirrored my view was what i went with. In other words i felt my objective would be met. Then i looked at results of procedures. I looked at how natural things looked. Not only must a surgeon have good hands, but artistic vision is very important to. Dr, Palmer will not do things just to make money. He is ethical and does what he feels will bring out the best version of you. The more i see other’s work, the more i appreciate what he has done for me. I have a lot of work scheduled to be done this coming December. I chose Dr. Palmer again because of his quality of work. I trust Dr. Palmer, I feel comfortable with him and his great staff, and I know I will look the best I can after his magical touch. Rob T. Portland, ME

Dear Dr. Palmer, It has been a few months since my surgery. I’m back in Oregon and happy with my surgery results. You truly are an artist and your work shows it. Thanks for the fabulous work! I will see you same time next year for some fillers when they disappear. I will be back thru the years I’m sure for more fixes. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, -K.H.

I recently went to Dr. Palmer for Radiesse in my jaw line. I must say that the end result exceeded my expectations. I had seen photos of others that had the same procedure. When I see my results, I was blown away. It truly came out amazing. Dr. Palmer and his staff are so amazing. They answered all questions and made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Palmer!!!!!!!! –J.T.

Dr. Palmer is absolutely the most professional, kindest, most ethical man working in the industry. As a clinical ethicist I have been consistently impressed by witnessing his interactions with patients, the level of professionalism and nurturing displayed by the staff and overall atmosphere of decorum in the office. I have recommended several family and friends who are looking for a trained physician who will treat them as a medical patient and not piece of meat or a walking revenue source. What separates Dr. Palmer from other physicians in my opinion is that he is first and foremost an artist and a physician…not a celebrity seeking businessman. His dedication to the notion of “first do no harm” as a physician is immediately evident as he will not perform any procedure unless he truly believes it will aesthetically benefit the patient in a way that does not incur an excessive amount of risk to the patient. The bottom line is that in the pursuit of beauty health and safety just have to, have to, have to come first…and Dr. Palmer’s office places paramount importance on this. –Google User

I was referred to Dr. Palmer over ten years ago. Since that time he has partnered with me to maintain and enhance my aging persona, with a full face lift and a recent face peel. His office staff is highly professional and welcoming. There is no one else I would consider in the field of plastic surgery and will always be grateful to Dr. Palmer for his expertise and professionalism. –K.U.

I went to Dr Palmer for Radiesse. Well worth it! It is pretty incredible. I will be a patient of Dr Palmer’s for many more years to come. E.K.

I see Dr. Francis Palmer for their protege skin tightening and skin rejuvenation therapy. Before going, I read about this therapy on various websites that review plastic surgery procedures, such as and did not believe that the results were real. However, I decided it to give it a try – worst case, it doesn’t work.
However, to my surprise, it was incredible. Just after 1 treatment, it had gotten rid of sagging skin that had been below my jawline for years. I am almost finished the full 5 treatments (they are painless and take only 1/2 hr without redness or side effects). E.L.

I had rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Palmer and Robyn with great results! Both he and Robyn are professional, caring, and dedicated to their patients. My nose now looks perfect – not only based on what I think, but also by many others (most not even knowing I had any surgery!). It was far beyond my expectations. They not only helped with the surgery, but took care of all the aftercare, which was surprisingly very easy – it heals fast!. It has made me feel much more confident and has really changed my life as a result. –D.S.

Doctor Palmer was amazing! I love love love my results my surgery of my ears. He made them look natural and I’m over the moon with the results. Him and his wife who is a nurse there were the nicest , professional and educated people I have come across. I would recommend this doctor to everyone! I will go back to him for anything else I may need in the future. Can’t say enough good things about my results and the whole experience. –K.S.

Dr. Palmer is an amazing plastic surgeon. Originally, I had my breasts done by a different doctor and started having some problems. After seeing the results of my relatives breast augmentation (done by Palmer) I decided to meet with him. Her breasts looked and seemed so natural. Upon a consultation with Dr. Palmer he informed me that my implants had actually “bottomed out” which was causing rippling and a larger space then natural between them. Dr. Palmer answered all of my questions in detail and was very knowledagble. He told me he would be able to bring them closer together by using a wider implant, take away rippling and sewing up the breast fold. Last month I had implant revision with Dr. Palmer and they look great! The results were much better than I could have ever imagined. He replaced them and sewed up the breast fold. The total procedure time was about an hour and a half and I barely had any pain at all. His wife Robyn was tentative, kind and helpful through the entire process. I was coming from another state so she was great at coordinating my after care and everything I needed pre and post op. They were both available after my surgery for any questions I may have had. It’s nice to see a husband and wife working together. My breasts are so natural looking and feeling. I really couldn’t be happier with the result! –C.L.

What a magical experience for me!!!! Being surrounded with people in the industry and friends who have had many procedures – it was my main priority to find someone who qualified my standards. I am a make-up artist and my art is meticulous and particular. I don’t only want to find someone who specializes in lip injections, someone sanitary – someone who is also going to accommodate to my needs. Hard to find? Not here. This was my first time getting lip injections so naturally I’d I walk in a bit anxious – Robyn’s confidence helped my nerves tremendously. I have to admit I was a few minutes late in this L.A traffic. I’ve had many experiences where receptionists get out right rude. They were understanding and ready to roll… I am now at home filled with gratitude about how smoothly everything turned out. But, the real reason why I am taking my time and writing this is because I finally got my CONFIDENCE back, my LIPS are AMAZING. They are proportioned and beautiful to my face!!! I will be recommending this Doctor to all my clients on set now. Well done Doctor Palmer!!! –D.D.

I have known Dr Palmer for MANY many years. He has done my lips (back in the day of gortex!) and laser, peels, botox, filler, and most recently the mini “celebrity” lift. The reason I have gone back ONLY to him so many times is that I completely trust him. He has a artistic eye, compassion, and bottom line is really good! I have had SO many compliments on just looking REFRESHED and more youthful. I have already had so many people ask for his info based on my results. I am “in the business” and know a LOT of doctors and chose Dr Palmer because I trust him completely. I only had to take ONE pain pill..and was at a casting 3 days after the surgery! Also the staff is SO nice and helpful and made me feel very comfortable and calmed my shaky nerves on the day of the procedure. I will continue to go to Dr. Palmer as well as recommend him to all of my friends. –L.B.

I first went to Dr. Palmer back in 2006 for an arm lift. I had lost weight and had loose skin around my upper arms as well as a little bit of flab on my upper thigh that I wanted minimized. I had the procedures done and have felt like a million dollars ever since. I was so pleased with those results that I went back to see him for botox and to have my nasolabial folds filled in. The arms and legs are a far cry from the delicate areas around the face but Dr. Palmer did an equally marvelous job on both. I have now added filer in my cheeks and they are so perfectly done that I simply look like I did when I was younger and not like a different person. I will keep going to Dr. Palmer as long as he is taking patients. I could not be happier with the results and I would encourage anyone who wants a physician who will tell them what is reasonable and what is safe rather than indulge fantasies which will ultimately leave you dissatisfied to see Dr. Palmer. He is the finest example of a surgeon/physician that I can recommend. –M.D.

I have seen for Dr. Palmer for periodic treatments of Sculptra to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. I have been so pleased with the results that I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have recommended my daughter which is as high of a compliment as I can give. There is no such thing as a sure bet in life…but he is just about as close and you are going to get and when it comes to your face or your child’s face…he is the only one I trust! –G.V.B.

I completely trust my face to Dr. Francis R. Palmer III, MD….and with that being said I have also trusted him with my arms, back, thighs and chin. Over the past several years I have visited Dr. Palmer to have a little work done here and there. Recently at a dinner for my birthday my friends were commenting on how I hadn’t changed. The rest of them were aging and I looked like I did ten years ago. However, none of my friends were wise to the fact that I have been seeing Dr. Palmer. I burst out laughing and said that I owed it all to the staff at Dr. Palmer’s practice. From lips to cheeks to thighs to upper arms they have given me the best care I could ask for. Further…they have put up with all of my questions and concerns and never been anything but patient and willing to talk me through each step of the process. In fact I trust them so much I have brought my mother and my best friend in for procedures and they have been equally thrilled with the results! I cannot recommend Dr. Palmer and his practice highly enough. I actually look forward to visits (a rare thing to say about going to the doctor) because I know that when I leave I am going to feel beautiful and secure in the knowledge that I am getting the best medical care available out there! W.B.

I have used Dr. Palmer for three years and had had amazing results. He really took a lot of time to explain and demonstrate what would make a difference and actually steered me away from procedures I didn’t need. This was not my experience with other surgeons – they just kept adding on procedures like I was the way they were going to get their new boat! Dr. Palmer has done a mini face lift, lipo in a number of areas, botox, and fillers in my cheeks and lips. Both he and his staff are so sweet and kind, and Dr. Palmer is a perfectionist in regards to the quality of the results for his patients. I saw a bunch of friends that I had not seen in a awhile and they said it is like I had gone back in time, I actually looked younger than I did ten years ago – and it didn’t look like I had anything done. They are all now scheduling appointments with Dr. Palmer – even my mom! I am really sorry that C. G. had a bad surgical experience – but I can’t image she is talking about the same surgeon – it doesn’t sound like him at all. –M.R.

Hi Dr. Palmer, Just wanted to show you a few before and after pictures, you will see such a major face difference! I am so happy with my face! –H

Dear Dr. Palmer, It’s only been just over 3 weeks since my cheek implant revision surgery but the results are already amazing. I am so happy with how my face looks. Dr. Palmer, you are a master at what you do! I am so glad you suggested that I get the Radisse on my jaw. It complements the cheek implants perfectly. –C.B.

Hi Dr. Palmer, I was in a pretty bad abusive relationship and you were the doctor that reconstructed my face. I am doing well, and since then have gotten married. Again, I want to take an opportunity to thank you for helping me and getting me looking normal again. –L.W.

Dear Dr. Palmer, Thank you so much for doing such outstanding work on my face! After less than a week since the procedures were performed, I have no pain, the swelling is almost gone and I even went out for dinner with a friend and received a lot of compliments about how I look! Your dedication to perform the highest quality work, your deep care for patients’ well-being and your hospitality truly make a difference in my speedy recovery and in the way I look now. You truly made a big difference in my life that I enjoy very much. Thank you so much for bringing happiness into my life. Your very happy patient, -L

Everything is great and I’m very pleased, thank you very much. –G.B.

Dear Dr. Palmer, I wanted to thank you for your skilled procedures. I am very happy with my neck lift and breast replacement, both look great!!!!! –D.A.

The lines in-between my eyes were really bothering me and making me look older. Dr. Palmer gave me Botox and did such a fantastic job! Now I have no lines and I look and feel great. –V.A.

I really hated the lines on my forehead and around my eyes and mouth. I can’t believe that a procedure that only took a few minutes gave me such amazing results. Thank you so much Dr. Palmer. –J.T.

Dear Dr. Palmer, I am so glad I found you and I feel very fortunate to be your patient. All the best to you and thank you again for taking the time to talk to me and walk me through this process. I wanted to thank you for helping me look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. –W.

Dear Dr. Palmer, Thank you so much for always fitting me, my family and my friends into you busy schedule and taking care of all of our beauty needs. People often compliment me on my natural beauty and I reply… “Oh no, there is nothing natural about this, this is all smoke and mirrors courtesy of Dr. Palmer”. -W.B.

Dr. Palmer, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Words can’t express my satisfaction. Six weeks after my surgery- your work is seamless. I have seen cheek implants walking down the street. Not this girl, not even a trace. My lips also look great; you gave them an amazing shape. I went in a mess and you did a beautiful work or art. During our initial consultation I gained complete confidence in you, due to your natural visual ability to asses and design my look. You have a rare gift not only visually but your skill is impeccable. With my small rounded face the slight difference in implant shape or size would have been a result short of perfect. Please do thank your staff on my behalf. They are the most caring professionals. The think I most feared: the general anesthesia, turned out to be a very pleasant experience. I am so thankful to have found you. –A.B.