Counting Down the Hottest Babes to Hit the Small Screen.

Here’s an interesting article that lists the 50 sexiest women on TV. All of these women have high Face and Body Numbers based on my “What’s Your Number”….. read more about this revolutionary new way to define beauty here: Here’s how I rate the Face Numbers of these sexy Celebrities where 100 is a perfect Number.

Sarah Michelle Gellar 88
Teri Hatcher 83
Loni Anderson 89
Sophia Bush 96
Grace Park 86
Carmen Electra 98 and the body’s 100
Kate Jackson 84
Pat Priest 95
Ali Larter 94
Jennifer Garner 98
Katie Holmes 89
Kim Catrall 80
Elizabeth Montgomery 98
Lucy Lawless 94
Robin Givens 97
Nikki Cox 100
Victoria Principal 92
Peta Wilson 85
Sherilyn Fenn 89
Tricia Helfer 95
Cheryl Ladd 85
Alyssa Milano 89
Jeri Ryan 89 and body’s 100
Nichelle Nichols 95
Tiffani Thiessen 96
Jessica Biel 97
Goldie Hawn 82 Body 84
Evangeline Lilly 86
Charisma Carpenter 99 love the cleft chin…very cute.
Jennifer Aniston 93

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III

Picking the 50 sexiest women in primetime history wasn’t easy. But it sure was fun. We waded through dozens of contenders — from vixens to vamps, from girls next door to blonde bombshells — before making our final list. Now it’s your turn to do the work: click through a new batch of beauties each week until we reveal our top picks. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.
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