Look Vibrant and Youthful with these quick, safe and highly effective beauty volumizing Juvederm injections.

Dr Palmer uses Juvederm for his “Beauty Volumization”tm Treatment:

  • Filler Injection to the lips

    Fuller Lips in just minutes

  • Takes less than 10 minutes.
  • No Surgery
  • No downtime
  • No kidding

Have softer facial folds and fuller, more attractive lips with Juvederm today.


If you are, one of the millions of individuals each year, seeking a more youthful, vibrant and naturally attractive face, Dr Palmer’s Beauty Volumizationtm treatment using Juvederm may be right for you. Dr Francis Palmer’s Beauty Volumization treatment adds volume and shape to the nasolabial folds and lips using Juvederm injections. This, office-based, non-surgical treatment is quick, safe, and highly effective at making your lips full and more naturally attractive which can in turn make you look years younger without going under “the knife.”

Juvederm, an FDA approved hyaluronic acid (HA) gel dermal filler helps restore facial volume and smooth away wrinkles. Juvederm can also be used to soften the Nasolabial Folds (creases from the nose to the corners of your mouth) and Marrionette Lines (folds from corners of the mouth to the chin) as well as Lip Augmentation/Enhancement. Similar to Restylane, Juvederm comes premixed with local anesthetic (Lidocaine) for added comfort during treatments. Although slightly different than Restylane, both these HA’s have similar indications for use.

Be sure you see an Expert in Juvederm Injections when seeking to soften facial folds or augment the lips. Dr Palmer feels that adding volume, with any dermal filler, indiscriminately is simply not the answer.

Dr Palmer’s Fr Signature “Beauty Volumizationtm” technique is the precise delivery of an added volume, using dermal filler injections, to the face in an artistic manner for the creation of natural, stunning, exquisite beauty!

juvederm_photo2Dr Francis Palmer an internationally recognized and leading authority on facial contouring, shaping and sculpting has developed specialized techniques and written extensively on this subject for over two decades. Dr Palmer is an expert on facial shaping with vast experience and knowledge on how to best achieve youthful, stunning and exquisitely beautiful faces using his Beauty Volumization technique. This Fr Signature procedure is the precise delivery of a dermal filler volume using artistic guidance for facial beautification that is naturally attractive. In the hands of an experienced facial shaping expert, like Dr. Francis Palmer, Juvederm Injections can be one of the most effective stand-alone cosmetic, anti-aging treatments without anesthesia, cutting the skin or downtime from post-surgical healing.

Juvederm Injections have the following uses:

  • Fill in facial folds like the Nasolabial folds (nose to corners of mouth)
  • Fill in Marrionette Lines (corners of mouth to Jawline)
  • Lip Augmentation and Enhancement by adding volume, size and shape for more aesthetically shaped, fuller lips

Whether your Juvederm Injection is performed alone or in combination with other non-surgical treatments like The Protégé skin tightening system, Dr Palmer’s goal is always to create a more naturally, attractive, youthful appearance that’s still capable of natural expression. Dr. Francis Palmer is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural beauty and will discuss your goals and concerns during your visit.

Because beauty is more than just skin deep be sure to trust your face to a world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr Francis Palmer.

Be sure to have your Juvederm Injections performed by an experienced, facial shaping specialist with a great deal of experience, like Dr Francis Palmer. Dr. Francis Palmer has years of experience and an artistic talent using Juvederm in a very specific manner and placement. Specific amounts injected in just the right spot will have the desired result but in the wrong spot or in the wrong amount, will not. Do not let a cheap, inexpensive price lure you to try someone or something new, so beware of Juvederm Injections at prices that seem to good to be true.

Defy Gravity and let your natural beauty shine through for a more youthful, naturally attractive you with these quick and highly effective non-surgical treatments.

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