Donda West law affects plastic and cosmetic surgery

Donda West law took effect in California and requires medical clearance be obtained within 30 days of having plastic and cosmetic surgery. Read entire article here.

This was a tragic case and I’m all for anything that ensures patient safety. The real question here, is not just whether or not a patient is healthy enough to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery but how much surgery is too much. This subject has come up again recently when it was rumored that a certain reality star had undergone quite a bit of plastic surgery all in one sitting. How much is to much surgery at one time? In my opinion a healthy, young (under 55) patient without a significant history of disease, having three hours of surgery seems reasonable and anything over 5 hours should be considered in two separate operation times and days. With a history of heart, kidney, liver or other significant disease, the patient may not be able to have any elective plastic and cosmetic surgery of any kind or may have severe time limits placed by their treating medical doctor.

I believe that it’s impossible to legislate common sense and that ultimately it remains up to each individual patient to select a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that has common sense about how much surgery should be done and what can be achieved. We, as plastic and cosmetic surgeons should not be afraid to turn patients away for any reason and just say NO.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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