Surgical Fee Estimates

Francis R Palmer III, M.D. voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons, is a world-renowned beauty expert, double-board certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon that has performed and taught Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills for over 25 years. Dr Francis Palmer is an internationally recognized plastic and cosmetic surgeon, certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with extensive experience, artistic vision and advanced technical skills earning him world-wide acclaim.

This is our mission, our philosophy and what we stand for.

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  • Uncompromising Dedication to your safety and well being
  • Unwavering ethical standards
  • Incomparable aesthetic judgment
  • Unparalleled skill and expertise
  • Devotion and commitment that everything we do makes you look more youthful and naturally attractive
  • Complete Confidentiality (all staff sign NDA agreements)

People from around the world come to Beverly Hills for Dr Francis Palmer to perform their Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery or Non-Surgical Treatments. Dr. Palmer is a world-renowned and internationally recognized beauty expert that has performed his magic on people from around the world. If you live in California, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County or anywhere in the world and you are interested in looking more naturally attractive, beautiful or ruggedly handsome come see Dr. Francis Palmer. You owe it to yourself to seek the very best. Dr. Francis Palmer has the training, skill, experience and artistic vision to create naturally stunning and exquisite beauty!

No matter where you are in the world, you can have a “Virtual Consultation” with Dr. Francis Palmer.

Perlane PhotoWhy don’t have the look you’ve always wanted? See what Dr Francis Palmer can do for you. Contact us today.

Upon completion of your in-person or virtual consultation, with Dr Palmer, you will receive an e-mail overview of your personalized aesthetic plan and the associated fees and charges.  For surgical procedures, the fees will reflect Dr Palmer’s surgical fee, operating room charge and the anesthesia fee if the surgery is to be performed under anesthesia.  All non-surgical procedures and surgical fees include all post-op visits and follow up appointments.  Aftercare facility stays and prescribed medications are not included.