Exercise regimen targets middle aged!

Here’s a great article that shows how exercise can be used to improve our appearance. In my opinion, whatever it takes to get us out there doing some pysivcal activity….I’m all for it. With Obesity rates at an all-time high, I encourage you all to walk, run, play….just do some physical activity as often as you can…you heart and body will thank you and you will be more attractive for your effort…promise! Dr. Francis R Palmer, IIII

Who’s Older, You or Your Body? Tests Suggest Answers


Published: September 28, 2006

WHO marooned in middle age hasn’t daydreamed about once again having the limberness and heart-pumping efficiency of a 30-something body?

Jon Keegan


Two years ago, Whitney Connor, then 41, took matters into her own hands.

How, pray tell, did she turn back the clock? First, she had her so-called “BodyAge” assessed at an Equinox gym in Manhattan. Her body fat, strength, cardiovascular condition and flexibility were determined according to a test created by Polar, a maker of heart rate monitors. She was told her BodyAge was also 41.

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