Face Lift Facts what you need to know

Facelift Facts from Beverly Hills continued. Today we’ll cover in more depth how you can have beautiful soft feminine cheeks as a woman or angular, ruggedly handsome cheeks if you’re a man. Learn what the clebrities know when they have plastic surgery that looks fabulous.

Cheek Implants remain the only permanent solution, in my opinion, as permanent fillers placed within the fatty tissues of the face tend to sag over time and do not stay put like cheek implants. Cheek implants are placed, let’s say that they should be placed, directly on top of the cheek bone itself. The body then forms a thin capsule around the implant which keeps it in place. In my 20 plus years experience performing cheek implants/augmentation, I have found that this happens in about 1 month. I have all my cheek implant patients use a U-shaped pillow for 1 month after the surgery.

There are numerous shapes, sizes and materials that cheek implants are made from however, I prefer the silastic (solid soft silicone) as it can easilly be removed and does not become intergrated with the cheek bone or soft tissues…which can create significant problems should you ever want your implants removed. the silastic implants are very well tolerated and I have removed ones that are over 20 years old, when I was replacing them (placed by another plastic and cosmetic surgeon) with implants more aesthetically shaped…and the old implants looked completely intact.

Cheek implants can be placed through incisions inside the mouth on the reflected portion of the upper lip near the canine tooth and this is my preferred route. Some plastic and cosmetic surgeons use an incision inside or below the lower eyelid but in my opinion this is a small incision to get the implant through and may require cutting the lateral canthus. All of these issues can and may lead to a malposition or frank ectropion (droopy lower eyelid) and for that reason, I choose not to use this incision. The implants can be placed through an incision inside the temporal scalp but placement and proper seating of the implant is very akward and for that reason, I do not use that approach. When a full facelift is being performed at the same time, rare these days since I tend to use the “Celebrity Lift” which is a minimun incision Facelift, the implants can be placed from underneath the elevated and dissected skin over the face by creating an additional incision in the proper area of the lateral malar bone and dissecting the tissues off the bone in both front and back directions.

For those individuals who are not candidates for cheek implants, soft tissue fillers remain a viable, albeit temporary solution. The good news is that you can have beautiful cheeks in less than 10 minutes with these fillers..the bad news is that the results will last 8 -12 months at which time the fillers must be repeated in order to once again acheive the desired effects. The results, in my opinion, tend to remain at the corrected level for 6-8 months after which they decrease slowly until your cheeks are back to their baseline, pre-filler shape.

I like using Perlane when someone doesn’t have anytime for post injection swelling and these patients have gone out the night of the cheek augmentation using Perlane. To me, Perlane’s effects seem to last about 9 months in most people. Radiesse is another great filler to shape the cheeks, seems to last about 12 months and we have used radiesse on many, many patients both during their “Celebrity Lift” facelift procedure or as an office cheek augmentation filler treatment. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and there is some post filler swelling, but this subsides in the next day or so. Not my choice if you have an engagement that night or the next but still we use lots of Radiesse to shape cheeks and I love the product. For me, you can’t go wrong with either Perlane or Radiesse, but I have to state what may seem obvious. There is no magic in these fillers themselves and even though they are terrific products, you can look odd or even deformed if they are placed in the wrong place or in the wrong amount. I have turned away patients requesting me to inject more radiesse or perlane in their cheeks after they have had too much of either placed in the wrong places (injected elsewhere by other doctors, nurses or surgeons) making the cheeks appear deformed. So be sure that you know the proper shape your cheeks should be and be sure so does the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that’s doing the cheek shaping using these fillers. To be the best or one of the top plastic and cosmetic surgeons, in my opinion, you have to know this information.