Facelift Facts

Facelift facts from Beverly Hills. As we continue discussing facelifts, let me place emphasis on shaping or creating the proper cheek shape as one of the primary goals with this procedure. As important as removing and tightening excess skin is during a facelift, it will all be for naught unless the cheeks have the proper aesthetic shape. This often overlooked fact, is the difference between the facel looking youthful and atrractive versus overly-pulled and windswept. The way to avoid that unwanted “done” look is to make sure that your plastic and cosmetic surgeon knows the proper shape for a male and female cheek and the ways to create them during the facelift surgery. Really, this requires additional steps to be taken but they can certainly be done at the same time. The best, the very top plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as the celebrities that look stunning after their facelifts all know this simple fact. Learn the proper cheek shape in my new book: “What’s your Number…the palmer code.”
Ok, now you know the proper cheek shape, so how do you get it?

#1, permanent solution are cheek implants…there are probably over 100 shapes and sizes made of different materials but over the past 20 years of performing cheek augmentation, I prefer and use just a few sizes…one shape and all of the implants are made of silastic. Why? Because these are the most successful in creating the desired cheek shape.

#2, temporary shaping of the cheeks using Radiesse or Perlane. Permanent fillers should be avoided, in my opinion as these must be placed within the fatty tissues of the cheeks and this layer does shift with age into the nasolabial fold. If injected, these permanent fillers will shift along with the cheek fat and create even deeper more prominent nasolabial folds. Not a good thing.

Which option is best for you will depend on the bone structure of your cheeks and your decision to opt for a temporary or permanent solution.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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