Facelifts Facts: Less can be more

Shaping the face during a facelift can be done and when the proper facial aesthetics are followed, the incisions, the tissue dissection can be limited which in turn means there will be smaller scars, less bruising and swelling and a shorter recovery time. This is the idea behind the creation of our “Celebrity Lift” ™ that can make you look 10 years younger in less than 90 minutes with a recovery time that’s measured in hours, not weeks.

The key is addressing the central portion of the face, the cheeks. The nasolabial folds are reduced and the cheeks are properly shaped using cheek implants or fillers like Radiesse or Perlane. About 50 % of our patients, including the international clientele, elect to have our Celebrity Lift under local without general or twilight anesthesia.

Celebrities, socialites and those in business rarely have months to be away from the public, so they will benefit from the rapid recovery offered with our Celebrity Lift. Because there is less trissue dissection, smokers and those with a long history of smoking may still be a candidate for this powerful, yet minimal incision facelift and necklift.

Dr Francis Palmer
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Creator of the “What’s Your Number…the palmer code” system and book.
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