Facial Contour® Facelift

The Facial Contour® Facelift, a trademarked surgical technique developed by world-renowned Beverly Hills Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Francis R. Palmer III, M.D. maybe just what’s needed to regain your natural youthful beauty.

Dr. Francis Palmer’s Trademarked Facial Contour® Facelift leaves you looking more youthful, yet natural.

Traditional facelifts, in Dr Palmer’s opinion, lack artistic vision. They merely take sagging tissue and stretch it over the cheeks. That’s why they look “tight and unnatural.” Dr. Palmer has breathed art into facelifts, elevating the procedure to a new plane where you “don’t look different” you become “a more natural, youthful and refined version of yourself.” The Facial Contour® Facelift is truly a blending of art and science for the creation of natural beauty!!!


This procedure, pioneered and performed exclusively by Dr. Palmer, is technically more difficult, in his opinion, because of its heavy reliance on the surgeon possessing artistic judgement and skill. The goal of this procedure is to create the proper aesthetic beauty features in the face-this is what makes an individual appear youthful and naturally beautiful! This is usually accomplished by sculpting the soft tissues around the existing features, although it is occasionally necessary to enhance their shape through the use of subtle implants. Combining incisions that are well camouflaged with the manipulation of excess skin, muscle and fat, the cheeks and nasolabial folds are meticulously sculpted. The result is a more natural youthful appearance.


After surgery, Dr. Palmer requires you to stay in an aftercare facility for 2 nights and recommends that you rest for an additional week thereafter. Makeup can usually be applied 8 days after the procedure at which time you can slowly resume limited activity. “We have patients flying from all over the world that return home10 days after the surgery.” Full activity, without restrictions, can usually be resumed after 1 month.
The Facial Contour® Facelift can create truly marvelous beauty transformations!

In today’s fast paced life it’s more important than ever that you look as good as you feel. People from all walks of life are opting to roll back the hands of time and restore their youthful good looks.
You can too! with our Facial Contour® Facelift!

Listen to what the international media has to say about Dr. Palmer and his revolutionary Facial Contour® Facelift:

“The Facial Contour® Facelift is the closest thing to a miracle”-London Sunday Express.
“One of Americas most famous plastic surgeons”-London Evening Standard.
“Renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon”-Woman’s World.
“One of the World’s best facelift surgeons. Palmer is the surgeon to many famous faces.”-Tatler Magazine.
“Dr. Palmer is the “Doogie Howser” of the face business”-Liz Smith’s Syndicated Column.

These are but a fraction of the accolades and prestigious honors bestowed on Francis R. Palmer, III M.D. for the creation of his Facial Contour® Facelift, heralded as the “gold standard”-the antithesis of the wind-swept facelifts of old. Dr. Palmer has achieved worldwide acclaim for his revolutionary trademarked aesthetic principles. Drawing on his aesthetic insight and unique artistic vision, Dr. Palmer has defined beauty-identified its component parts and shown how it is affected by gravity and aging.

This led Dr. Palmer to groundbreaking techniques of beauty rejuvenation. “The talent to recreate natural beauty relies on one’s ability to recognize beauty, identify its most important elements and visualize the hidden potential locked inside-only then can true beauty be created.” This ability to recognize beauty and its components, in Dr. Palmer’s opinion, is a God given talent that can be honed but not learned. “Sound aesthetic judgement is the engine that drives successful plastic surgical rejuvenation and the restoration of youthful beauty.”


With age, our faces loose their “three-dimensional” quality and begin to lack the depth of a more youthful appearance. By the mid to late 30′s, one begins to see evidence of the inevitable pull of gravity on the soft tissue of the cheeks. This sagging tissue falls inward, towards the nose and chin, creating the “nasolabial fold”, the “jowls” and the “turkey neck”. This process thins out the face making the cheeks “more angular” and the entire face begins to take on a “relatively” more masculine appearance.

The Facial Contour® Facelift, a trademarked surgical technique maybe just what’s needed to regain your natural youthful beauty.

Dr. Francis Palmer’s aesthetic vision, reflected in his “Palmer Beauty Principles” dictate that Facelift Surgery leave a pleasing, youthful and natural look after the Face Lift Plastic Surgery has been performed. Dr. Palmer does not believe that Face Lifts should make people look pulled or distorted. Face Lifts must take into account the overall shape of the cheeks.

Dr. Palmer believes that failure to contour or shape the cheek area properly, will result in the unnatural look that we all have seen on magazine covers and real life…Face Lifts do not need to make you look this way. The Facial Contour Facelift® is only performed by Dr. Francis Palmer in his Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center…although Dr. Palmer did perform this procedure in London for several years to rave reviews. Now patients come to Dr. Francis Palmer from all over the world for his Face Lift Procedure.

“I’d like to make something perfectly clear. In my opinion, the most important factor in getting a natural, soft, youthful look after your Face Lift, is to create the proper shape to the cheeks. This used to mean either shaping tissues to reveal the cheek or using cheek implants to impart the proper shape during the Face Lift Procedure. Now, with the addition of Radiesse and some of the longer acting soft tissue fillers, this shape can be created without the use of implants. It’s almost like you can try out your new cheeks before you commit to the permanency of cheek implants. Moreover if you’re over 55 years old, I think it’s the only way to go…less recovery time, less Plastic Surgery…” Dr. Francis Palmer.

Dr. Francis Palmer’s Trademarked Facial Contour® Facelift leaves you looking more youthful, yet natural.

Good Day Britian, which is the equivalent of Good Morning America, in the UK, sent this patient from London to Dr. Francis Palmer for his Facial Contour® Facelift Procedure. This was the first reality make-over as her entire journey was chronicled and aired on the show for an entire week. The 5th day (finale) featured the patient and Dr. Francis Palmer live in studio. The show titled “Diary of a Face Lift” was produced by GMTV and still airs to this date. As you can imagine, the show created a media sensation.

Pre-Op Face Lift note that the face appears elongated and a bit rectangular. The Facial Contour® Facelift was performed by Dr. Francis Palmer to bring out a more soft, round cheek area. The Facelift results in a more youthful, natural appearance.

“Diary of a Facelift” a 5 part TV Show featuring Dr. Francis Palmer and his Facial Contour® Facelift Plastic Surgery Procedure that was aired internationally including England, Europe and Scandinavia.

After Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift, there is a more round, soft and youthful appearance to the face. She’s just at 10 days after the Facelift and headed to the airport to fly back to London. You can see the neck is nice and tight yet the face is very natural and feminine looking…not tight and pulled. Whether you live in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, the US or anywhere in the World, Dr. Palmer can most likely improve your appearance with his Facial Contour® Facelift. This type of Facelift can also be modified if your face shows less signs of aging and loose skin. Dr. Palmer can customize your Facelift to rejuvenate just the upper face which includes from the Jawline to the top of the cheeks (does not rejuvenate the eyes which may require a Blepharoplasty). This is called a Mid-Facelift or a Midline Lift. Do not confuse this with a lift performed through the lower eyelid. The Custom Midline lift is a powerful Facelift variant that can rejuvenate the entire upper face, especially when combined with cheek Implants or tissue sculpting fillers like Radiesse or Sculptra. Dr. Palmer also offers a Necklift in cases where a Facelift isn’t required. This is when the neck is loose but everything from the jawline up looks good. In this scenario, the neck muscles are tightened and the excess skin is removed for a more youthful neck contour. It should be noted that Dr. Palmer’s Full Facelifts do include a Necklift.

Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift Procedure is a Deep Plane Facelift developed by Dr. Francis Palmer to re-create a soft, natural, more youthful face and neck.

This patient has beautiful round cheeks but gravity and facial aging has caused the tissues to shift, especially in the neck. Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift Procedure brings out a natural, refreshed, youthful look. Dr. Palmer believes that Facelift can make you look younger but that Facelifts must at the same time make you look like yourself. Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift is designed to make you the best version, of yourself, that you can be while looking soft and natural. Facelifts are capable of removing large excesses of skin and tissue from the face and neck, something that Suspension Facelifts, Suture Lifts, Endoscopic Facelifts and any version of an incision-less Facelift Procedure would not be able to accomplish.

Before the Facelift Procedure there is excess tissue and the face appears elongated, angular and masculine.
After Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift, the face is soft, youthful and natural. Because the cheek area is properly contoured during the procedure, this allows the Facelift to create a more feminine appearance.

Dr Palmer believes that Facelifts can be combined with Cheek Augmentation where the Cheek Implants are placed during the Facelift. This allows the Facelift to leave the face more contoured after the Facelift Procedure in someone that may otherwise look pulled or stretched. Dr. Palmer believes that Facelifts must leave the cheek area properly contoured after the Facelift. If someone looks like they’ve been in a wind tunnel, after their Facelift, this very important premise has most likely been ignored. “I will absolutely refuse to do a Facelift on someone if I think they do not have the proper cheek volume and will not consider having that volume augmented during the Facelift”…Dr. Francis Palmer. That used to mean implants but today with Radiesse, Sculptra and some of the longer-lasting deep tissue fillers, these can be used to fill out the cheeks during the Facelift Procedure.

Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift removed the excess fatty tissue and skin of the face and neck. The Facelift incisions are well camouflaged and typically patients can resume normal activity 10 days after their Facelift Surgery. Dr. Francis Palmer has performed his Facial Contour® Facelift for over 15 years on two continents and has the ability and experience you need for your Facelift Procedure.

All this talk about the different kinds of Facelifts could leave you bewildered. Don’t worry, Dr. Palmer will be able to suggest just the right combination of Facelift Procedures, or variations there of to give you a more natural, youthful, appearance. Here is a synopsis of Facelift Procedures and what they may accomplish:

Full Facelift Surgical Techniques that include rejuvenation of the face and neck but exclude the eyes (Blepharoplasty) and the forehead (Forehead/Browlift).

Full Facelift Procedures like Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift elevate deeper layers, seen here, as well as the skin (removed in this slide).
SMAS Layer: Lifting this layer, helps tighten the face.

Platysma Muscle (neck): Lifting this layer helps tighten the neck. Different variations on how, where and how much these layers are lifted and trimmed exist between surgeons and account for the differences between procedures. Plastic Surgery in general including Facelifts are performed by hand by highly skilled craftsmen, but there are differences between surgeons…and that’s why Medicine, including Plastic Surgery is and Art.

Facial Contour® Facelift: Complete facial rejuvenation Facelift performed only by Dr. Francis Palmer who created the technique. This Facelift is especially designed to create a more natural contoured cheek area as well as improve the Nasolabial Folds (folds from the nose to the mouth) and the Jowls (folds from the mouth to the chin). Dr. Palmer’s Facial Contour® Facelift is a Deep Plane Facelift Variation.

Facelift Skin Only: Older type of Facelift where the skin is elevated, pulled back, excess excised and the incision closed. No underlying muscles are tightened with this type of Facelift.
Facelift with SMAS Flap: This type of Facelift elevates the skin but also elevates the underlying muscular layer (SMAS) which allows more of a tightening effect. Sometimes this type of facelift can be used with extensive undermining of the skin.

Deep Plane Facelift: This type of Facelift is a modification of the SMAS Facelift where the Facelift includes a larger SMAS area to be elevated. The Facial Contour® Facelift and many of the modern Facelift Procedures use some variant of this type of Facelift which is the most versatile Facelift procedure, in Dr. Palmer’s opinion.

Subperiosteal Facelift: This type of Facelift goes beneath the facial bone covering (periostium) and is considered the most invasive Facelift Procedure by some. In Dr. Palmer’s opinion, this type of Facelift may cause an unsightly rise in the eyebrows. The procedure is typically performed through incisions in the Forehead Scalp and inside the mouth. This type of Facelift may have prolonged down time from swelling.

Facial Bones

Facelifts at the subperiosteal level are performed just above the facial bones (seen here) well below the layers that the other Full Facelifts are performed.
This may increase recovery time.

Midline Facelift: This Facelift uses the upper part of a Facelift incision (around the ears) but does not include the neck or the rest of the incision that typically extends behind the ear into the posterior scalp. This Facelift is used to improve the Cheek area, Nasolabial Folds and the Jowls.

Midface Facelift: Several variations of this Facelift Procedure exist. Some are performed through an incision below or within the lower eyelid and the cheek tissues are lifted up vertically. Others use an Endoscope (small telescope) through an incision in the Scalp (Temple Area). It is important to know that these procedures do not have incisions around the ear…and as such are limited in the way that there can’t be any excess skin removed in this area. Recall, a Facelift with incisions around the ear enables the surgeon to lift, pull and trim the excess skin. If this incision is not there, the excess skin can’t be removed and herein lies the limitation of these procedures. If there is significant excess of skin on the face and you lift the skin upwards towards the eye, the excess skin may form a pleat in front of the ear….try this in front of a mirror and you’ll see what we mean. Because the lifting (anchor point) is the lower eyelid, these Facelifts may cause the lower eyelid to droop downward. Dr. Palmer prefers to modify the tissues around the cheek, creating a more natural aesthetic shape while using a Facelift procedure that enables the removal of excess skin.

Mini Facelift: There are as many variations of this type of Facelift as there are surgeons who perform them including the S-Facelift, C-Facelift, Mini Lift, Lifestyle Lift and others to numerous to mention. Here, the skin is lifted in some fashion through an incision around the ear, in the temple or inside the lower eyelid or mouth. The temple area incision has the same limitation as the Mid-face lifts in that excess skin can’t be removed in front of the ears. Some Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons include a SMAS tightening using a bunching suture without elevating and trimming the SMAS. Dr. Palmer’s Facelifts include elevation, trimming and tightening of the SMAS layer for added rejuvenating effects.

Dr. Francis Palmer’s Take Home Message on Facelift Procedures:
“I believe that a talented Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon modifies his surgery techniques to accomplish the desired aesthetic goal and is unencumbered by the inherent limitations that the techniques may otherwise possess.” …Dr. Francis Palmer. “If you want to be successful in improving your appearance, you must have a clear aesthetic goal….one that is based on real and tangible beauty values, like my Palmer Beauty Principles….and finally do only those procedures that will accomplish these goals.”

“Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, including Facelifts are a luxury. Get the very best, because second best is never a bargain at any price.”…Dr. Francis Palmer.

We are centrally located to all of Southern California, in the heart of Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles…for all of your Facelift Procedures…

We see many patients that travel to us here in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) from all over the world. Whether you’re close by in Orange County (Newport Beach) or you live in California or across the nation. A Face Lift is a sizeable surgery for you to undergo and you should get the very best. That may mean that you will need to travel to another city like Los Angeles or Beverly Hills for your Face Lift Procedure. Dr. Francis Palmer requires all of his out of town patients to stay in the Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) area for about 10 days after their Face Lift Procedure. After that period, of time, you are cleared for air travel. Prior to that time, you may experience unwanted bleeding from the air pressure differences associated with air travel. For the first week, or so, after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure, this is to be avoided. Car Travel may be undertaken back to San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County (Newport Beach) and throughout the greater Los Angeles area (Beverly Hills) because there is no risk of pressure changes causing bleeding after the Face Lift/Facelift Procedure. Car travel above 5,000 feet elevation however, should be avoided after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure for the same reason. So if you live in the mountain areas of California, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) Dr. Francis Palmer may suggest that you stay additional nights in the after care facility following your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure.

The after care facilities are located in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and provide specialized nursing care for plastic surgery patients including after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure. These facilities are in Hotels where patients sleep and are given post-operative care after their Face Lift/Facelift Procedure. Dr. Francis Palmer recommends that all of his Face Lift/Facelift Procedure patients spend a minimum of 2 nights in one of these after care facilities in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. They offer Face Lift/Facelift Procedure patients a great service. They pick you up in our Los Angeles(Beverly Hills) surgical center after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure is completed and drive you to the after care facility. Some are literally several minutes from our Beverly Hills office. They care for you, after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure according to Dr. Francis Palmer’s post-Face Lift instructions giving you pain medications and administering basic post Face Lift care. They provide all of your meals and daily hygiene (bath & wash your hair). This is a great way to pamper yourself after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure while allowing Dr. Francis Palmer to monitor and control your post-surgical care during the critical first several days after your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure. Going home and taking care of yourself or being under the care and supervision of someone inexperienced in post-surgical care after a Face Lift/Facelift Procedure is risking a complication like bleeding, pain and infection that may otherwise be avoided if you were under expert post Face Lift/Facelift Procedure care at an after care facility right here in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. We will be happy to recommend one of these after care facilities during your Face Lift/Facelift Procedure consultation. Contact us for a facelift Beverly Hills today.

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