Full Pouty Lips..forget Silicone and think Alloderm by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Francis R Palmer, III.

Full, plump, pouty lips can soften the entire face. Forget the silicone injections that may migrate and cause health problems later….instead think about Restylane Injections to the lip borders or Alloderm Implants for a more permanent (lasts about 7 years) enhancement of the body of the lip itself. I have done many of Alloderm Lip Augmentation procedures over the past 15 years or so and have written several scientific papers on the subject. I consider this to be the gold standard in lip augmentation. Simple procedure done as an office procedure with or without anesthesia. This makes #5 in our Holiday Glam list of must haves….because nothing beats a great set of lips!

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Read More about Alloderm Lip Augmentation here: https://beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/LipAugmentation.html

Dr. francis R Palmer, III