Getting the most from your Face Lift surgery

In my opinion, the most glaring deficiency with most face lifts and facelift procedures is their lack of aesthetic effect to the cheeks and the middle portion of the face….including the nasolabial folds (that bit of fat and skin that goes from the nose to the corners of the mouth).

As the face ages, tissues shift downward and inward creating these folds and lessening the aesthetic beauty of the cheeks, from which this tissue has fallen. The result is the face becomes elongated, aged and more masculine in apperance. That’s right..whether you are a woman or a man…your face becomes relatively more masculine in appearance as you age. Increased length and angularity are the key components to this un-aesthetic transformation for women are should be the key components to correct with any facial rejuvenation using plastic and cosmetic surgery oir procedures.

OK…so you’re asking. “I’ve looked at my face and compared it with a photo of my face when I was 20 or 30 and I see what you say and I’m a believer…what now?” Glad you asked….first I suggest you learn the aesthetics of facial beauty found in my new book What’s Your Number….the palmer code. Then be certain that any soft tissue filler like Restylane, Juvederm, Evolence, Radiesse, Perlane or Sculptra is done with the intention of creating the facial aesthetic features that will make your face appear youthful, attractive and natural looking.

The exact same thing can be said about face lifts, that in my experience for over 20 years of performing all variations of face lifts, neck lifts or mini face lift procedures….if the procedure does not result in the creation of a more aesthetic cheek and mid face area… outlined in my book…..the surgery will not, can not make your face as naturally beautiful, whether you are a woman or a man, than if this one aesthetic goal is accomplished.

    That’s what I learned after years and years of performing and analyzing face lifts and their results.

My new book is not limited to the aesthetics of face lifts but goes into the overall aesthetic features of the face and body and how these may be acheived. Certainly the celebrities have a history of hit and miss when it comes to looking better after their plastic and cosmetic surgery…some look horrid, others, weird and some look fabulous.

Is it chance? Is it luck? NO….it’s simply whether, or not their plastic and comsetic surgeon acheived the aesthetically correct and important features of the face or body. If so…they look great! If not…could be a disaster. This goes for Eyelid surgery, Browlifts, Rhinoplasty, Breast Implants, Lip Augmentation, Tummy Tucks, Botox or anything that you do to improve your appearance…even your hairstyle and the kind of exercises you do. Lern how to get the best result….learn The palmer Code and Your Number.

Dr Francis R Palmer, III
Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon