Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

If you are trying to decide if plastic surgery is right for you, remember that there are two primary reasons why patients seek the help of a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. There is either a desire to make a feature more aesthetically appealing, or to have reconstructive work done caused from an injury or a birth defect. If someone is choosing plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes, patients normally pick out a particular part of the body that that they want to be enhanced. On the other hand, reconstructive plastic surgery is done to improve the functionality or appearance of a part of the body that was damaged. It is basically used as a way to bring about the normal working functions of that part.

In many cases breast augmentation patients choose the procedure for aesthetic enhancement. That is, aside from the case where a mastectomy was performed. Patients report that the main benefit aside from their improved outer appearance is actually the psychological improvement of how they see themselves. After having breast augmentation, patients feel a boost in their self-esteem. This in turn rolls over to heightened confidence in social situations and an increased sense of self-esteem.

Although Rhinoplasty can be done for aesthetic purposes, it is also done for reconstructive purposes. Many people suffer from breathing problems that are related to how their nose is shaped or situated, or have a deviated septum that needs repair. Rhinoplasty patients report that after surgery they are able to use their noses to their full potential. Being able to use all of the functions that your nose has with ease is an overwhelming feeling after patients have suffered from problems for many years.

After you have realized what your motives are behind plastic surgery, you can come to the conclusion if it is right for you or not. If you have decided that you want plastic surgery, your next step is to choose an expert plastic surgeon. Aside from making sure you are emotionally and physically prepared to undergo surgery, choosing your doctor is of utmost importance.  Plastic surgery involves life changes and has body altering results. You want to make sure that only a board-certified plastic surgeon is making those alterations. Your surgeon should not only be a person that has the medical expertise and skill, but also an artistic eye for what is aesthetically pleasing as defined by The Palmer Code.  Ensure your happiness in your procedure by having an expert plastic surgeon perform your surgery.