Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pics

Seems Jennifer Love Hewitt had some bikini pictures released from a recent vacation that created some criticism about her being a bit heavy or chunky. Now I know we, myself included, have been preaching that the too thin Hollywood look was (and still is ) unhealthy and unattractive, so it might seem like a double standard for Jennifer to be taking heat for the pics.

I think they are two separate but related issues. The too thin look is downright dangerous and not pretty and those celebs and models need to eat…plain and simple. But once you’re not anorexic, this doesn’t mean that the society and public that adores their celebrities based on glam and how well they look won’t criticize you when you don’t meet their high (and yes unrealistic) expectation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the originator of the “What’s Your Number” concept that explains human beauty and I know we are all judged everyday and that celebs are held to a higher standard than we mere mortals…but what the public seems to forget…including the gossip writers and critics is that Hollywood is an illusion and few people really look perfect. This includes Jennifer.

Now Jennifer, you can’t be a celeb and be in the public eye and not expect criticism for any perceived flaw. It goes with the territory of being admired and adored by your fans. If your happy with yourself and how you look…great by seriously how many of us are perfect and couldn’t do something to make ourselves look better….if we so choose.

Dr. Francis R Palmer, III

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Fights Back


Posted: 2007-12-03 14:37:35

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(Dec. 3) — When the snarky comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s recent bikini photos began popping up on the Internet, the actress figured it was time to defend her figure.

Hewitt took to her blog to fight back against all of the weight jabs that followed after photographs of her and her new fiance on a Hawaiian vacation emerged.
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